The Stream Team: Meeting with Neverwinter’s Lord Neverember

Now that Massively OP's MJ has reacquainted herself a bit with the new level-squished Neverwinter, it is time to take her group back out on adventures. First stop: talk with Lord Neverember. Then perhaps they will pick up some lucky boxes as they set out on whatever task he assigns, thanks to the Gift of Tymora event that is...

Massively Overthinking: The best MMO music of 2021

We've decided to pull back our MMO music awards this year and make the decision a little less formal, partly because of how hard it is to really grapple with the amount of MMO music being produced every single year. I mean, Justin and his Battle Bards crew have tried it, and it's hard. (By the way, you should...

Dauntless reworks the chain blades, adds a new Behemoth, and arrives to PS5 and Xbox X/S today

Today not only marks a new release for Dauntless but also a release on new hardware. Slayers can look forward to the Call to Arms update as well as the arrival of the free-to-play monster slaying RPG to the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S consoles. First, the patch: Call to Arms introduces a new shock behemoth...

World of Tanks unveils partnership with Arnold Schwarzenegger for this year’s Holiday Ops event

A lot of World of Tanks partnerships have been with washed-up B-list celebrities who were never actually good in anything (looking at you, Chuck Norris). Not this year's Holiday Ops event, though; this year they have a star who may be past his prime but has been indisputably influential and great in a number of films, including classics like True...

NCsoft’s cross-platform mobile and PC MMO Lineage2M is live in the west today

How many Lineages is too many Lineages? Some day we'll probably find out, but it is not this day. This day, NCsoft has launched another one: It's Lineage2M, and it's finally live for folks in North America and Europe whether they want to play on PC or mobile. "Players can now conquer their way to the top of the fantasy...

Titanfall enters maintenance mode as it’s removed from digital storefronts

For those who were curious about trying out Titanfall, the online FPS from Respawn Entertainment, we've got some particularly unfortunate news. The studio has announced on Twitter that the game was pulled from digital storefronts as of yesterday and any gaming subscription services that include the shooter in its catalogue will see it removed by March 1st, 2022. With...
So many swords.

Final Fantasy XIV updates its job guide with Reaper, Sage, and new job actions

It's less than a day now until Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to start playing Endwalker as the expansion enters its early access period, but no one will be able to play the game today as it enters a lengthy maintenance. But you've still got something to help drive up your hype during the maintenance period with the updated...

Lord of the Rings Online compensates EU servers for translation issues, tests new six-player dungeon

Many Lord of the Rings Online players know that one of the best bonus events that the studio runs is for virtue XP boosts to help players jump ahead on their virtue progression. While such an event is coming on December 16th, SSG decided to activate it early for three European servers -- Belegaer, Gwaihir, and Sirannon -- to...

Lost Ark posts Sorceress preview trailer, addresses gender-locked classes

Amazon and Smilegate have dropped yet another video for the long-delayed Lost Ark, this time featuring the Sorceress class. She's one of the 15 classes planned for the initial western launch, with a total over 20 that will eventually make it into the game, but the Sorceress dropped in Korea only last summer, so it's still fairly new to...
What is the world.

Final Fantasy XIV posts a new tribute to Endwalker from Sia ahead of early access

All right, now Square-Enix is just flexing. Yes, this is official now. Why? Because there's a new music video on the game's official YouTube page from Sia. Yes. Sia did a song in honor of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker heading into early access tomorrow. This is a real thing that happened. The fact that the song in question is a cover...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Hands-on with Guild Wars 2’s siege turtles and updated End of Dragons elite specs

We are finally in the home stretch for Guild Wars 2's upcoming End of Dragons expansion! With less than three months to go, ArenaNet is currently treating us to one last beta to try out all of the elite specs, as well as the two-seat, hovering, cannon-toting siege turtle mount. I'm a little disappointed we won't be getting to see...

Treasurers of states invested in Activision-Blizzard join the call for leadership changes

In mid-November, we reported on a group of shareholders joining the calls for change at Activision-Blizzard leadership, led by the Strategic Organizing Center Investment Group, the activist shareholder group that has been leaning on the company to improve executive pay decisions and stop labor abuses for a number of years. We recall this story because another series of voices...

Wisdom of Nym: The Final Fantasy XIV cookbook is a fun addition to fans’ culinary library

This is not going to come as news to anyone who has played the game before now, but Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of food in it. That's kind of to be expected. When one of your classes is "Culinarian" and you have a whole line of content devoted to what you do while you're cooking up delicious recipes,...

Rumor: Is Gamigo’s secret new MMO really Dynamight Studios’ Fractured?

Over the last few weeks, Gamigo has been teasing a new MMORPG on a placeholder website called Uncertain Folder - a game with a gruesome demonic theme. While the studio has yet to actually name the game, it did drop another tease today, and it's set a community on fire - Fractured's community. Fractured, you'll recall, is an in-development Kickstarted...
When the counterprogramming gets kind of sad.

World of Warcraft opens up the public test realm for patch 9.2, Eternity’s End

It's going to be a while before World of Warcraft is ready to let players enjoy patch 9.2 on the live realms, but if you don't mind a shifting melange of systems that are still being balanced by the developers' own admission, you can try it out now. Yes, the public test realm is being rolled out now, letting players...

Funcom’s DUNE MMO is still happening, just picked up a co-developer: NUKKLEAR

Yesterday I happened to be working on an article looking back at our predictions for the year when I stumbled across one about Funcom's DUNE MMO. I lamented that Funcom seems to have missed the hype window, since the first movie is now behind us. But then this morning, the company dropped a press release indicating movement on the...

Gamigo’s parent company just became a key investor in Daybreak’s parent company

You know, when I was joking on the last Massively OP Podcast that Gamigo was becoming Daybreak, I didn't mean it should literally buy Daybreak. But that is kinda what's happening. As first spotted by MMO Fallout, Gamigo's parent company, Media and Games Invest Group aka MGI, announced this morning that it's bought 8% of Enad Global 7 aka...

EverQuest II’s Visions of Vetrovia blew up on the launchpad (but it got better)

You may be totally excused for not noticing that a major MMO expansion launched yesterday, because it kind of didn't. EverQuest II: Visions of Vetrovia technically went live in the sense of "but you can't play it because the servers are totally down." Shortly after the release of the expansion, Daybreak took down the servers "to address a database issue."...

Kakao has delayed ArcheAge’s relaunch to tomorrow over an ‘issue in the backend system’

2021 has been the year of MMO delays, and ArcheAge's relaunch under the Kakao banner is just one more. But don't panic: It's only one more day. "We have identified an issue in the backend system that as of yet is not resolved," Kakao wrote this morning. "This issue would prevent us from being able to deliver the level of...
Who knows, you might even see this girl.

The Daily Grind: Are you taking part in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker’s early access tomorrow?

Tomorrow's the day that Final Fantasy XIV fans have been waiting for ever since the expansion was announced back in February. Endwalker is almost here, and you can play it at the crack of down tomorrow if you pre-ordered. Or maybe you'll be stuck at work and thus aren't playing it until the weekend; we certainly aren't judging. It did...