The Stream Team: Fashion distractions and Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2

It's not as if Massively OP's MJ is using Guild Wars 2's introduction of a fashion view today to distract her from the SOTO grind. Nope.. not at... well, OK, yeah she is. But a cosmetic inspection feature is still super cool! And so is Super Adventure box -- both on the cool and the distraction front. Join us...

Kickstarted cozygame Solarpunk didn’t make its Q1 alpha, but devs say they’re ‘making significant progress’

One of the top multiplayer Kickstarters of 2023 was for Solarpunk, when indie outfit Cyberwave Games and Rokaplay pulled in $330,000 US on a crowdfund campaign that sought only a tenth that amount. Solarpunk is a super cozy multiplayer title, offering everything from housing to gardening - and no combat on deck. But it's fallen off our radar a...

Tower of Fantasy debuts a teaser trailer for its April 30 Celestial Destiny update

The hype machine is beginning to spool up in Tower of Fantasy, as the shared world RPG has started talking up the April 30th Celestial Destiny update, beginning with a story-centric teaser trailer. As one might expect, the footage probably means a lot more to those who have been keeping up with TOF's narrative, but there appears to be something...
What's your deal, smoky?

Abyss is open now for playtesting ahead of its early access launch, delayed to May 7

It wasn't all that long ago that the PvP MMORPG Abyss promised it was going to open testing for free ahead of the game's actual early access launch. Well, the game is opened up for testing now, and you can even request access via Steam before the game goes for the full early access experience on May 7th. That's...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 465: Remixing Pandaria

Justin and Bree discuss WoW's Mists of Pandaria remix, new progression servers for EverQuest and EverQuest II, WoW Cataclysm Classic pre-patch, Blizzard's return to China, Blizzard's new mystery game, FFXIV's Dawntrail benchmark, Sky Childreon of the Light, Palia layoffs, and the Stop Killing Games game preservation movement, plus adventures in LOTRO.

Mad World will condense all of its regional servers into one single server April 25

So hey, how are things going for Mad World? Well, if the OARPG's latest announcement is to be taken at face value, things possibly aren't so sunny considering every regional server is being combined into one. The two existing servers that are each available for Asian, European, and North American players will all be merged into the Belphagor server on...

Tarisland answers player questions about classes and PvE features

Fans of Tarisland are still left waiting and wondering when "official release" is going to happen, so to kill the time between now and whenever that is, curious gamers were invited to a Discord AMA that focused on class and PvE questions. Here are a few highlights: Since the MMORPG's last test, skill trees and skills have seen multiple...

Guild Wars 2’s retro Super Adventure Box returns today with World 3 Test Zone updates

Retro music at the ready, folks: It's time to go back to Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2 as the one-time April Fools' Day event is back again this year in festival form as of this afternoon. "Moto's world-renowned Super Adventure Box returns again! Explore two worlds (and one test zone) of excitement, peril, and educational entertainment to earn...

Choose My Adventure: Battling New World tank builds, the wider meta, and personal stubbornness

New World is getting under my skin. I'll better explain myself soon, but before I do, I want to point out that this sudden frustration with the game is likely due to personal behaviors and less with the title from a mechanical standpoint. I'd say the split is maybe 70/30 between personality and game. Maybe 80/20. But the past few hours...

Siege Camp’s Anvil Empires plans a four-day alpha this weekend – here’s how to sign up

Foxhole studio Siege Camp is gearing up for another major test for its sandbox MMORPG Anvil Empires (as compared to all of its minor tests from the past few months) this week starting on April 18th, running a full four days through the weekend. "This test includes all the features and changes that were developed over Phase 5 of Pre-Alpha,"...

Fight or Kite: Gigantic is a fantastic MOBA, but it’s missing a bit of Q and A and TLC

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been keeping a cursory eye on the development and release of Gigantic: Rampage Edition - another resurrected MOBA game. I suppose I’m on a bit of a kick with these recently. However, this time I’m not playing a spin-off of Paragon. Instead, it’s the revival of another popular title that was scrubbed...

Grand Theft Auto Online hikes its optional monthly subscription fee GTA+ by two bucks

Stealing cars, gunrunning, and building a criminal empire in Grand Theft Auto Online is about to become more expensive. Starting on June 11th for existing subs (and immediately for new accounts), Rockstar will increase the subscription price for GTA+ from $5.99 (€5.99) a month to $7.99 (€7.99). This marks the first time that the studio jacked up the sub price...

Myth of Empires plans a new region-locked Jade Era server set for North America and Europe

Survival MMO Myth of Empires is entering its Jade era - that is, it's launching a ton of new localized North American and European servers under the Jade Era server group name. "The Jade Era server group is exclusively for North American and European players; players from other regions will not be able to enter," Angela Game's T'ien-Kung Studio explains....

Metaverse MMO Avalon gets $10M investment, talks up its game features, AI tools, and Web3

Depending on one's point of view, this news is either the next step forward for Jeffrey Butler's gestating MMO Avalon or proof that investors will throw money at anything if the right buzzwords are used: The still-developing title, which promises player-built worlds using AI tools in a metaverse of play linked to Web3 tech, has raised another $10M in...

Gigantic hands out goodies and preps a double XP weekend as compensation for server issues

Last week, the shooter MOBA Gigantic promised a compensation package for fans as an apology for its rickety relaunch. This week, those fans now know just what awaits within that package. Everyone will be receiving a bundle with 5,000 crowns as well as the Cult of Greed weapon and character skin for the character Charnok, while a later update will...

New World talks buffs and nerfs for weapons and siege weapons coming in May

Amazon is back with another episode of Forged in Aeternum this week, this time homing in on New World's combat, although technically, player experience design lead J.R. and combat designer Josh Hurley begin by addressing the messy launch of season five, promising to continue to work on shoring up the update. Hurley then outlines what's on deck for the May...

Overwatch 2’s Season 10 arrives with spunky archaeologist hero Venture

Not every archaeologist is Indiana Jones; some are actually more destructive and insane as they plunder ruins for trinkets and treasures. One such figure is Venture, the newest hero to arrive in Overwatch 2. Venture is a damage hero who officially launches with this week's Season 10 after the past few weeks of trialing: "Armed with a massive drill and...

Elder Scrolls Online is rolling back a ton of NA accounts after last night’s PTS database fiasco

If you happened to log into the PC NA server for Elder Scrolls Online last night, well, you couldn't log into Elder Scrolls Online last night. That's because a major bug brought at least a few of the servers to theirs knees. The thread on the official forums from players last night made the problem clear: The North American server...
Bree's modded Oblivion game

The Daily Grind: What problematic MMO trends have you become inured to?

I was reading a review of a certain tiny MMO the other day when a line jumped out at me. The player was complaining about $40 cosmetics and arguing that those prices are absolutely stupid and indefensible, yet people defend them anyway - essentially, because we've just gotten used to their existence over a long span of time. The gamer...

The Stream Team: Daring to do Warframe’s Dante Unbound

In Warframe's recently update Dante Unbound, curator and caretaker of the Leverian has asked for help to defend it from Parvos Granum and the Corpus. Of course, Massively OP's MJ will step up to the task! She'll need to track down his assistant and chief chronicler, the Warframe Dante, facing the Murmur as she goes. Tune in live at...