The MOP Up: Gran Saga’s big Korean launch

NPixel's cross-platform Gran Saga is finally going live this week -- albeit in Korea, for now. The attractive-looking mobile and PC title is supposed to make its way to the west some time next year, however, so it's always good to take a tour of its offerings to see if this is a title you'd like to keep...

Cyberpunk 2077’s latest patch ‘lays the groundwork’ for a better game

With massive player dissent, mismanagement, horrible console performance, and filed lawsuits against it, Cyberpunk 2077 has seen one of the rougher high-profile launches in video game history. But CD Projekt Red is hoping that hard work and incremental improvement will change the game's fortunes -- and the company's battered reputation. Hence, this past week's Patch...

Blizzard absorbs 200 Activision employees following merge of rumored Diablo II remaster team

The Blizzard family got a whole lot bigger this past week. Games Industry reported that the World of Warcraft developer absorbed 200 employees from the Activision side, thanks to a restructuring of the larger firm. The new staff comes with the Albany-based Vicarious Visions studio, which previously worked games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Destiny. One...

The Stream Team: Horse racing in Black Desert Online

Black Desert has introduced horse racing, and Massively OP's MJ has been totally snookered into trying it out thanks to the super cute black spirit on horseback. How could she possibly resist that?! Now, whether or not she'll be able to afford to race in the Old Moon Grand Prix is another story, but she's heading in to...

Into the Super-verse: Will we ever get a Marvel MMORPG?

While DC Universe Online is coasting high on its success in Year Ten, it feels a shame that there's no Marvel MMORPG to match it. Marvel is still a blazing hot IP as it moves into Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it's sad that MMO players who love that universe don't have a massively persistent...

Microsoft walks back its previously announced price hike for Xbox Live Gold subscription

Much of the online multiplayer gaming world was lit on fire by Microsoft earlier this week when the company attempted to raise the cost for Xbox Live Gold subs, ramping up the one-month, three-month, and six-month subs by $1, $5, and $20 respectively. Microsoft attempted to rationalize the price change by pointing out the sub prices hadn't changed for...

WRUP: Advantages and Disadvantages edition

Advantages: Double-jointed (5 points) Triple-jointed (10 points) My limbs are covered in joints like one of those snakes you could get at a carnival booth (15 points) Really crappy code of behavior (5 points) Edgelord (10 points) Can clear those appearing-disappearing block sections in Mega Man without using Rush Jet (5 points) Smell nice (10 points) Hot dog sense...

The Daily Grind: What’s the worst maze in an MMO?

It's been clinically proven that no RPG player has ever, at any time, under any circumstance enjoyed a run through an in-game maze. In truth, players tend to loathe these sections for their confusing layouts and non-enjoyable interaction. Yet developers keep putting them in because mazes lengthen the overall gameplay clock and because they're operating under the delusion...

The Stream Team: Needing a personal Warframe Necramech

After running the special Necramech event, Massively OP's MJ determined she needed  her own personal machine in Warframe sooner rather than later. It is sure to take a bit of work, but she's willing to put in the time. (Anything to not have to rely on "found" necramechs in an event ever again!) Tune in live at 8:00...
So much cooler.

Betawatch: Pantheon gets a funding runway

The big news this week for Pantheon wasn't really about the game's beta exactly but about a seven-figure investment that supposedly set the game on a runway to launch with further development. Still, you can't have a proper beta without a proper pathway to launch, right? Right. You need both of those things, and now it has one...

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds a new reputation system with patch 10.2

There's a lot of stuff that's been added in the latest patch for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. For example, there's a new coupe for players to drive around the battlefield within, and new tricks you can pull whilst riding around on dirtbikes. There are changes to ranked play, to boot. But what's going to grab the most eyes is the...

Smash Legends is a multiplayer arena brawler on mobile and PC that promises a variety of colorful modes

Who's ready to PvP against others for things like higher fruit totals, point captures, or simply being the last cute little thing standing? Then you're ready for Smash Legends, a multiplayer arena brawler that's headed for a soft launch on mobile and Steam Early Access on PC sometime in the first quarter of this year. Smash Legends' publisher LINE...

Shadow Arena offers compensation, flips hero Venslar from offense to support

Shadow Arena isn't letting its low population counts stop it: Pearl Abyss is plunging on with updates anyway. Earlier this month, we covered a major update to the Black Desert battle royale spinoff that actually appeared to be a de-battle-royalification of the game, as the 40v40 matches were replaced with 3v3 arena matches with the third season...

Skyforge is selling new Nintendo Switch founder pack bundles prior to launch

Skyforge is getting a nice boost of coverage and publicity thanks to its imminent launch on the Nintendo Switch. is taking advantage of this increased interest by putting a trio of founder's packs up for sale on the Switch store. While you'll have to go to the Switch store to see the actual pricing, the studio...

Destiny 2 adds a Hawkmoon catalyst quest, discusses seasonal activity length and Umbral Engrams’ return

Bungie's latest weekly update is once more full of information about what's new and incoming for Destiny 2. In this week's post, we're getting a look at the addition of a new quest line to unlock a catalyst for the Hawkmoon exotic weapon (provided you're a Season of the Hunt owner) as well as another lineup of...

The Stream Team: Swaying the werewolf senators’ to silence in AQ3D

If she's going to help end the war between the werewolves and the vampires in AQ3D, Massively OP's MJ has to ensure the current werewolf leader is deposed and replaced by the vampire queen's brother. To do that, she needs to convince the remaining senators of the pack to not challenge Constantine's challenge. Can she cajole the remaining ones...

RIFT’s Typhoon of Doom battle pass goes live

Since RIFT has long since traded in actual content updates for seasonal battle passes, the start of a new cycle is as much a call for celebration as anything this MMO is getting these days. So wake up, Ascended, because the sixth season is now live in the game and will run through March 18th. Season Six: Typhoon...
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Final Fantasy XIV schedules the next live letter on February 5

The next letter from Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida is taking place on February 5th at 10:00 p.m. EST. If the timing on that sounds at least somewhat familiar, congratulations! You remember that this is the same date as the game's announcement showcase that technically is announcing something as of yet unknown but we...

Following Gamigo buyout, Wizard101 keeps monetization and Pirate101 might resume development

Earlier this week, we covered the surprising news that Media and Games Invest, whose chief subsidiary is Gamigo and which is run by Gamigo's CEO, had bought out Wizard101 and Pirate101 studio KingsIsle Entertainment for a total of $126M with an additional potential $84M in earnouts for the owners. At the time, KingsIsle Lead Producer Leah Ruben reassured...

Star Citizen shows off some new planet modification tools and lays out general plans for space combat

Star Citizen's weekly video series has come back online once again, and this week's episode moves from showing off yet another tool to discussing broad-stroke plans for ship-to-ship combat moving in to 2021. The first half of the video grants a look at some new toys that let the devs modify the surfaces of planets, whether its tools...