The Stream Team: Taking advantage of Elder Scrolls Online’s free ESO+ weekend

Elder Scrolls Online offered a free weekend of ESO+, and Massively OP's MJ was quick to take advantage of it! Not only does ESO+ open up the crafting bag to put things in, but it also opens up many of the DLC zones that MJ does not usually have access to. So while she has the chance, she'll be...

Gamer lawsuit over Activision-Blizzard buyout proceeds as Microsoft puts billions into OpenAI

Last month we reported on a lawsuit filed by self-described gamers who were trying to block Microsoft's acquisition of Activision-Blizzard; the filing used several previously stated arguments and Section 7 of the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 as reasons for the deal to be stopped, and we noted at the time that the suit was likely a distraction when...
And listen.

World of Warcraft looks deeper behind the scenes of Veritistrasz’s quest

It's a bit of a shame that one of the most emotionally engaging quests in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is one of the expansion's many nods to Blizzard's history in games, as the quest is "Stay a While" as a reference back to Diablo. But the quest itself is a solemn meditation in which the player just listens to...

EVE Online casts a spotlight on the Uprising update’s sound design and musical score

Are you an EVE Online player who has been enjoying the ear candy introduced by the Uprising update? Would you like to learn more? Then you'll probably delight in a recent dev blog post that calls attention to the latest soundscape updates made to the internet spaceship sandbox, which highlights new sound effects and several new pieces of music...

Aliens Fireteam Elite makes its Cistern map a permanent feature and opens reward pools to all modes

Last time we heard word from Aliens: Fireteam Elite, it released a new vertical map called Cistern complete with holiday-themed rewards for players to collect. As of the co-op shooter's latest update, those rewards have dried up, but the Cistern map remains available, with a new pool of permanent rewards like new weapon colors, emotes, and a decal. The other...

Whatever happened to Swords of Legends Online?

A funny thing happened as we were moving through our news room today. Bree noted out of the blue that we hadn't seen any sort of big noise out of Swords of Legends Online, and she promised me a tasty chicken sandwich if I went digging. So here we are wondering whatever happened to the MMORPG, and I regret to...

Astroneer’s Awakening update introduces a mysterious new mission chain and UI improvements

What awaits in the center of the solar system in Astroneer? Science would tell you it's a sun, but a newly added mission chain that makes up the survivalbox's Awakening update hints at something more. The patch notes have redactions about what precisely these missions will involve, but they do note prerequisite missions that have to be completed and the...

Book of Travels updates with FPS capping, lamp intensity, and bug fixes

Book of Travels' latest patch doesn't have new "content," but what it does have is just about as important, as it brings another long list of bug fixes as well as several game-specific adjustments to the tiny multiplayer online title. In terms of game tweaks, the patch now offers an FPS cap option, updates the use and trade values for...

The Adventurer’s Domain Online makes a ‘rough around the edges’ early access debut

The Adventurer's Domain Online, a developing MMORPG that aspires to meld old-school vibes with modern action combat, officially arrived into Steam early access last week and has made no bones about its current state according to a dev blog that went out before early access began: "TADO is rough around the edges for sure, but is it pretty much...

The Soapbox: Subscriptions might actually be the next big innovation in digital card games

What started earlier this week as a rant on how bad an idea a subscription model in Hearthstone would be evolved into something more: a Soapbox comparing the economies of traditional TCGs and digital card games and realizing that there might still be space for growth in the field of monetizing the latter - a way that might actually...