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Antitrust lawsuit filed by gamers against Microsoft is tossed, but lawyers say they’ll resubmit

During the latter half of December, we reported on an antitrust lawsuit filed by gamers against Microsoft. The suit argued that Microsoft's buyout of Activision-Blizzard violated a specific antitrust act from 1914 and would put the company in an "unrivaled position in the gaming industry." Readers will also remember that Microsoft tried to have the action paused while it...

Fight or Kite: Faeria is a cross between a card game and skirmishing boardgame

Look, up in the sky! It’s a card game! It’s a skirmishing boardgame! It’s Faeria! Yes, it's Faeria, a strange digital mashup from developer Abrakam Entertainment, who came to Steam with cards and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Faeria… who can change the course of digital card games, bend your perception of a dueling game, and who,...

Black Desert brings more materials to PC, changes Wizard’s model on console, preps a US in-person event

This week brings more goodies to multiple versions of Black Desert, but perhaps more interestingly are extra details for an next in-person event that were shared last week. CMs and GMs of the game will be on-hand in Orange County, California, on April 22nd for the Adventurers' Oasis event, promising quizzes, raffles, in-game battles, dinner and drinks, and some...

Perfect Ten: A primer on 10 very basic MMO fight mechanics

When the first two humans decided to get into a fight, they were just pushing one another and telling the other person to quit it, that hurts. Then one of them had an idea. "If I hit him with this rock," she thought, "it'll hurt more and he'll give up!" Then she hit him with a rock, and he...
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Mortal Online 2 assembles a video showcase for its new elementalism magic patch

If you're into the power of the elements -- or have a retro fondness for Captain Planet and the Planeteers -- then you might have found a new home in Mortal Online 2. At the top of this month, the hardcore PvP MMO released Patch 15 with elemental schools of magic to be mastered. But perhaps you're the type that...

Classic EverQuest begins testing its new UI engine as Bristlebane Day begins

Classic EverQuest is having a helluva month as it engages in its 24th birthday celebrations, but Daybreak isn't stopping there as the game's roadmap marches on - and that includes the new UI engine, which arrived to the test server yesterday. "The new UI engine is not what you’d think of in a 'UI revamp' - it should look very...

Final Fantasy XIV will be offline for 24 hours next week for NA data center upgrades

Nobody panic: Final Fantasy XIV is upgrading data center hardware for North American players, which is going to entail a hefty chunk of downtime for everyone during which you can go outside and touch grass or maybe just nap. We're for naps. "In order to safeguard against any potential errors while transferring data to the upgraded hardware, all Worlds across...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Return to Carn Dûm launches today with new dungeons and the Warden/Captain revamps

It's patch day for Lord of the Rings Online, and update 35 is is no small patch: It's Return to Carn Dûm, which rolls out a trio of dungeons and sets the stage for the upcoming raid. "After suffering countless setbacks and defeats, the last remnants of the Iron Crown have returned to Carn Dûm, hoping to wield a lost...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO boasts the best space combat?

When you get tired of your iron-plated boots being stuck to a giant gravity ball, you may yearn to take flight into the sky -- or beyond. While we haven't seen as many MMORPGs blast into outer space, there have been quite a few. And wherever our online journeys take us, we know that combat soon follows. So which outer...

The Stream Team: Guild Wars 2 present-palooza and the Battle for Lion’s Arch

Without realizing it, Massively OP's MJ had a decade of birthday gifts on two of her Guild Wars 2 characters that she never plays. So before adventuring, her Charr is going to have a present-palooza and open them all! After that, her Norn will start the end of Living World Season 1. Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. as...