Tarisland provides new footage of the new gender-unlocked male Mage

Fellas in Tarisland can weave spells and wear swish-looking coats and robes. As a treat. That's right, the MMORPG is showing off what the male Mage class looks like, this time in video form, and if you were expecting someone who looks handsome and sassy while wielding explosive power, then you were right. Even if that would have been...

PlanetSide 2 addresses its recent Sunderer Rework blunder

If you're going to be stuck in status limbo, it helps to at least show signs that you're still alive and kicking. So good for PlanetSide 2 on posting a dev blog talking about the state of the game and what project fans might expect to see in the coming months. The (Toadman?) team came out and addressed the recent...

Combat game show The Finals goes on world tour — and to ancient Kyoto

Virtual game show The Finals spread its reach to all corners of the globe -- and to all corners of time -- with the debut of this month's Season 3 and the new World Tour. "In the World Tour, you’ll compete to climb the ladder from Bronze to Gold and beyond. Season 3 will focus on cashout tournaments of 24...

The Stream Team: Boss beat down for better building in V Rising

Beating bosses is almost always a lucrative endeavor, and V Rising is no different. Vampires need loot, too! In fact, Massively OP's MJ will be able to acquire plans for a tannery once she kills off Keely the Frost Archer. And once she gets to working on leather, she can improve her castle heart and start upgrading her build....

LOTRO Legendarium: What will happen when Lord of the Rings Online dies?

You know that old hypothetical of "Would you want to know when you die or would you rather be ignorant of it?" A slightly less morbid version of that is, "Would you want to know how many years is left in your favorite MMO or would you rather stay uninformed so that you could maintain the illusion that this...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Jagex postpones RuneScape’s in-person RuneFest event after showrunner company implodes

If you're a RuneScape fan who was looking forward to the return of the in-person RuneFest this year after its four year-long hiatus, we unfortunately have some bad news to report: Jagex has had to postpone the event as a result of its partner, the showrunner, completely folding this year. The studio was working with Player1 Events, a UK company...
Less texture.

WRUP: Moist dessert recipes edition

Join us for our weekly open thread! We're discussing what MMOs we're playing this weekend and answering a bonus question about bizarre media franchise adaptions in video games.
Great job

The Daily Grind: What uncommon crafting skills would you like to see in MMOs?

Just as how MMOs tend to skew toward a standard array of generic classes, so to do these games' crafting systems seem to be cut-and-paste from the other titles around it. Need heavy armor? Call a blacksmith. Fancy a potion or two? Roll up an alchemist. But who says that MMO crafting has to stay in the tried-and-true realms that...

The Stream Team: On the path to AQ3D’s new Oracle class

A new class has just surfaced in AdventureQuest 3D -- the Oracle! Filled to the brim with phenomenal cosmic powers (but not confined to an itty bitty living space!), the Oracle twists and melds fate to her own will, weaving together devastation and destiny. Obviously, Massively OP's MJ wants to be one! How could she resist new ways of...
I'm cranky. This is a cranky day.

Betawatch: Tarisland gets an early start in China

Huh, are we really almost there with Tarisland? The game is already out in China, and it's launching worldwide next week, complete with Lady Paladins? These neverending betas for crowdfunded games have clearly poisoned my brain, so I cannot see that and think it's anything other than blindingly fast, but I guess when your business model is "actually make...