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Workers at SEGA America officially form their own multi-department union after supermajority vote win

Yesterday saw another win for the organization efforts of video game workers as the fledgling union at SEGA America that started seeking votes in...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis gets housing, a new enemy type, and cel-shaded visual options in June

Apparently, the June update headed to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is sizeable enough that developer Sega is calling it "ver. 2" ...

EVE Evolved: Calling time on EVE Online’s five-year vision

When Andie "CCP Seagull" Nordgren walked onto the stage at EVE Fanfest 2013 and delivered her long-term vision for the future of EVE Online,...

EVE Evolved: New roles for capital ships

In the past two editions of EVE Evolved, I looked at the Aegis sovereignty warfare overhaul and how it played out in a recent...

EVE Evolved: The war for Providence

In the previous edition of EVE Evolved, I looked at how the state of PvP in EVE Online has changed since the Aegis Sovereignty...

EVE Evolved: Has the Aegis sovereignty system worked?

It's been over a month since EVE Online deployed its new sovereignty and territorial warfare system, and the dust is only now beginning to...

EVE Online releases Aegis part 1, preps part 2

The first of two July patches for EVE Online is rolling out today, with Aegis part 1 unloading an array of changes and features...

EVE Online deploys Aegis part 1 tomorrow

EVE Online's newest content update is apparently so big that developer CCP has decided to split it up into two chunks. The first part of...
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New EVE dev blog details nullsec and sov changes

If you've got an interest in EVE Online's upcoming changes to nullsec and sovereignty mechanics, and you've got a lot of time, you'll probably...