EVE Fanfest 2022: All the major EVE Online announcements from Fanfest

It's safe to say that EVE Fanfest 2022 was very much a social event first and a game event second, with fewer concrete announcements...

EVE Online: Invasion expansion lands May 28th

The virtual universe of EVE Online is bracing itself for an invasion, and it looks like things will be kicking off much sooner than...

EverQuest II confirms new expansion this year, announces Against the Elements prelude event

Today, the folks at Daybreak Games announced the commencement of a new event in EverQuest II, Against the Elements. But it's not just any...

EVE Vegas 2017: CCP announces new EVE-based mobile MMO Project Aurora

At the opening presentations of EVE Vegas 2017, CCP Games announced that it has teamed up with mobile developer PlayRaven to produce a totally new...
I'm sorry this is the only long-form article you're likely to get, Twin Saga.

Aeria Games announces anime-styled Twin Saga for later this year

There is not exactly a dearth of games boasting an anime style in the MMORPG market at the moment. Even if that's not enough...
Yeah, okay, sure.

Entrada Interactive announces the development of Rebel Horizons

One cannot claim that the official announcement of Rebel Horizons implies a lack of ambition. The newly announced title promises players that it will...
Because that laugh never got tiresome.

BlizzCon 2015: Heroes of the Storm gaining Arena mode, Towers of Doom, and a two-player hero

How would you like to team up with another player to play a hero in Heroes of the Storm? That's the central idea behind...
Prepare to be prepared!

Path of Exile announces that it will soon be making announcements about its next expansion

Good news, Path of Exile fans: The next expansion for the game hasn't been announced, but it has been announced that it's going to...
Much like TERA, having a discussion about this game's attitude towards women is mostly a matter of shaking your head in exasperation.

Blade & Soul hits western shores this winter

Remember when comic books had little call-outs on the front cover proudly proclaiming that something happened because the readers requested it? I always thought...