Entrada Interactive announces the development of Rebel Horizons

Yeah, okay, sure.

One cannot claim that the official announcement of Rebel Horizons implies a lack of ambition. The newly announced title promises players that it will provide a vast and expansive network of planets for players to travel between, with each planet running its own distinct economy as players and groups of players work to establish their own reputations. Watch creatures and the ecosystem around you develop, evolve, and change over time.

Ambitious? Definitely. Made all the more so with the promise of a single game world without any shards, with perhaps just a touch of wishful thinking as the announcement contains nothing more than concept art. Keep your eyes peeled for more information now that the game itself has actually been announced; there’s no mention as of yet regarding business models, development plans, or anything beyond the title itself and ambitious design principles.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, David!
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