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Betawatch: Camelot Unchained has to delay that beta (July 6, 2018)

It’s important to note that however frustrated you might be about the fact that Camelot Unchained had to delay its long-awaited beta, the developers are probably even more frustrated. The whole thing was scheduled to go off on July 4th, but when the time came it turned out that the client crash rate, like the rent, was too damn high. We’re told it should only be a short delay, so keep your eyes peeled for further bulletins as events warrant.

Other beta news? During a holiday week? There was a little, yes.

A lot of things were also probably blown up over the past week, but that was the holiday and not beta testing, so we’re not covering that. We make up for a lack of listed explosions with a list of games currently in testing, and you should feel free to let us know if something in that list is incorrect. Heck, you should even feel encouraged to do so!

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Sandbox sci-fi MMO Rebel Horizons resurfaces with new videos

It’s been a little while since we heard anything from Rebel Horizons, the self-billed “interplanetary sandbox MMORPG” from Entrada Interactive, but it would appear that the devs have been hard at work. The game resurfaced over the past couple of months to release some new images and videos via its official Twitter.

The new screenshots show off some of the game’s presumably extraterrestrial environments, while the videos give players a peek at the outer walls of a settlement apparently called Red Sands and, more excitingly, provide a short demonstration of the game’s “functional life matrix” and quantum gates, whatever exactly those are. One tweet also notes that the game has recently begun internal PvP and AI testing, which hopefully means it’s one step closer to being ready for release. If you want to see the game in action, you can check out the new videos after the cut.

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Ride out into the frontier in Rebel Horizons’ GDC trailer

For those that felt titillated and intrigued by the original announcement of Rebel Horizons a year ago (if you can remember back that long), movement has been spotted on the project after many months of relative silence. The team is planning to make an appearance at GDC this spring and has a new trailer to show off to the public.

The trailer for the sci-fi sandbox shows a man on another world, taking a jet bike across the desert to a settlement. There, he buys some gear and then steps into a teleporter, destination unknown.

Rebel Horizons is making a shared persistent universe in which players can forge their own destinies and make their own living. Possibilities include trading, crafting, bounty hunting, mining, harvesting, and traveling to other worlds, each with their own ecosystems and economies.

Catch a glimpse of the future in the GDC 2017 trailer after the break!

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The Daily Grind: Does ambition make you skeptical of MMO development?

I freely admit that I am a bit leery of ambition in game design. Not because it’s an inherently bad thing, mind you, but because it often seems to indicate that the development team for a game is writing checks that it can’t cash. Overreaching ambtion often leads to ideas getting trimmed back, and when the defining element of a title is ambitious design principles, that results in far less of a game than we would have had if the developers had planned more reasonably.

I admire the goals of the team behind Rebel Horizons, for example, but I’m dubious that anyone could pull it off successfully. I admired the design goals behind EverQuest Next, and I see where that ended. The goals behind Ryzom were commendable, but they were trimmed down into the game’s current state, which has very few dedicated adherents.

Of course, saying “ambition is bad” consigns us to a world wherein everything is just slightly iterative improvements on what already exists. But there are certain sorts of ambitions and certain far-reaching plans that do give me pause when considering whether or not a game will launch successfully. What about you, dear readers? Does ambition make you skeptical about an MMO’s development?

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Entrada Interactive announces the development of Rebel Horizons

One cannot claim that the official announcement of Rebel Horizons implies a lack of ambition. The newly announced title promises players that it will provide a vast and expansive network of planets for players to travel between, with each planet running its own distinct economy as players and groups of players work to establish their own reputations. Watch creatures and the ecosystem around you develop, evolve, and change over time.

Ambitious? Definitely. Made all the more so with the promise of a single game world without any shards, with perhaps just a touch of wishful thinking as the announcement contains nothing more than concept art. Keep your eyes peeled for more information now that the game itself has actually been announced; there’s no mention as of yet regarding business models, development plans, or anything beyond the title itself and ambitious design principles.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, David!