BlizzCon 2015: Heroes of the Storm gaining Arena mode, Towers of Doom, and a two-player hero

Because that laugh never got tiresome.

How would you like to team up with another player to play a hero in Heroes of the Storm? That’s the central idea behind Cho’Gall, one of the new heroes being added to the game. Cho’Gall requires one player to take control of the physical “Cho” head to move the character around and punch things, while the other player takes control of “Gall” to cast spells and serve as a ranged assassin. He’s playable even if both players aren’t well coordinated, but he definitely becomes much stronger when both players are working together.

He’s also impossible to buy – Cho’Gall is being offered to a select group of players (including BlizzCon attendees) and can subsequently be unlocked by playing him in matches with players who do not yet have him (or purchased later, says Blizzard’s official site — thanks to Dengar for that tip!). Play two matches with Cho’Gall with someone who lacks Cho’Gall and Cho’Gall is unlocked.

The development team also showed off Genn Greymane and Lunara the Dryad, two new heroes playing around with ranged characters who move in and out of range. There’s also the new Arena gameplay mode, offering a choice of three random heroes to play in a 5v5 format, and the new Towers of Doom map with a different approach to area control. Check out preview screenshots and video just below.

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