blizzcon 2015

Blizzard’s sometimes-annual convention in Anaheim. Official site: BlizzCon

Back to the same.

Diablo III’s sixth season kicks off next week, but seasons aren’t coming to console

Diablo III's sixth season is bearing down on us -- are you prepared? The fun kicks off on Friday, April 29th, at 8 p.m....

WoW emulator Nostalrius’ sunset renews calls for retro WoW servers

As we reported last night, Blizzard lawyers issued a legal threat against popular vanilla World of Warcraft emulator server Nostalrius, propelling its administrators to begin...

Blizzard confirms BlizzCon dates: November 4th and 5th

Blizzard has just confirmed that this year's BlizzCon is on for November 4th and 5th in Anaheim. That means it's almost time to fight to...
Are we doing the time warp?

Rumor: BlizzCon 2016 aims for November 4-5

When is this year's BlizzCon? We don't know. It hasn't even been officially announced yet. But the eagle-eyed folks over at MMO Champion spotted...
Holy arts.

WoW Legion makes major changes to specializations and transmog sets

Are you tired of dealing with dual specs in World of Warcraft? It was revealed at BlizzCon that the existing spec system was going...

WoW celebrates Diablo III’s latest patch with Demon Hunter tmog gear

In honor of Diablo III's latest patch, Blizzard has something special in store... for World of Warcraft players who also play Diablo III: We’ve added something...

MMO Year in Review: Blizzard’s big plans (November 2015)

This year, we're taking a time-machine back through our MMO coverage, month by month, to hit the highlights and frame our journey before we head...

WoW Legion aims to flatten the PvP gear curve

Last night, Blizzard posted a dev blog to explain just how World of Warcraft Legion plans to drive a wrecking ball into the game's...
I ruined just... all the things.

World of Warcraft’s Legion testing is taking a holiday break, too

We hope you weren't planning on playing any of the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha during your own holiday break (assuming you have one)....

WoW Factor: Legion testing is an exercise in absurd decisions

One of my favorite bits from The Office is when Michael is having his budget explained to him. You don't need to know the...
Cats are cats.

Adopt Brightpaw in World of Warcraft and support the Make-A-Wish foundation

How is your cat collection in World of Warcraft? Could it use another cat knocking things off of tables and squawking endlessly with a...

WoW Factor: The look of the Legion class previews

Last week was a pretty fun ride, I have to say. Leaving aside everything else we had to chew on after a weekend's worth...
Bet on it.

WoW Factor: In the wake of BlizzCon’s Legion content

Well, folks, we're officially living in a post-BlizzCon world. Until the next one. The point is, we're done with that convention, and all that's...

Diablo III begins testing Patch 2.4

Diablo III fans, were you perhaps a little giddy to hear at BlizzCon that Papa Blizzard wasn't giving up on your game of choice?...
Things are going okay?

Hearthstone’s League of Explorers adventure begins tomorrow

Hearthstone's latest adventure will be going live tomorrow (or the 13th "depending on your region"), inviting players to join the fabled League of Explorers...
It also featured fewer Dwarven Shaman, simply because the WIldhammer just did their own things.

World of Warcraft outlines the changes coming to Shaman and Warrior in Legion

Big changes are coming to every single class in World of Warcraft when the next expansion goes live. The official site has already shown...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 38: BlizzCon strikes back

Justin and Bree discuss BlizzCon -- WoW, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and the rest -- as well as NCsoft's Q3 and Funcom's reprieve, plus a mailbag question on cosmetic mounts.

The Daily Grind: Did BlizzCon make you want to resub to WoW?

It's a running joke among MMO players that BlizzCon is bad for our wallets, not because we overindulge in murloc plushies but because resisting...

Not So Massively: BlizzCon 2015 (November 9, 2015)

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don’t really...
A pet you can no longer have.

World of Warcraft begins its examination of class design with Hunters and Priests

One of the facts repeated throughout BlizzCon was that classes and class fantasies will be getting overhauled in World of Warcraft's next expansion. So...