Aeria Games announces anime-styled Twin Saga for later this year

I'm sorry this is the only long-form article you're likely to get, Twin Saga.

There is not exactly a dearth of games boasting an anime style in the MMORPG market at the moment. Even if that’s not enough to keep your attention when it comes to Twin Saga, though, you still might be interested in the game’s other features, like mobile personal housing and freely swappable classes for all characters. The game is due out later this year for North American and European players.

If you don’t like housing or class swapping – perhaps your grandmother died in a tragic class-changing accident – you still might be intrigued by the game’s lore background, with players serving as the last hope for humanity after a war of deities. One goddess wanted human beings around, the other didn’t, and the former goddess lost the fight, so now it’s up to you to prove to that human beings are worthwhile. Or you could jump down below and see if the screenshots or trailer intrigue you. Keep your eyes peeled for beta dates if any of the above apply.

Source: Aeria Games press release
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