Former City of Heroes developers fill out the game’s annual lore reveal

I'm going to blame these jerks.

There are going to be two potential reactions to the yearly set of lore reveals from former City of Heroes developers Matt Miller and Sean McCann. One is a quick skim of the information, a shrug, and a general lack of interest. The other is going to be impassioned cursing about the fact that the team was at one point working on storylines involving the Omega Team, Scirocco changing sides, and Tyrant taking on Statesman’s cape that we never actually got to experience.

While this year’s document is on the short side (and Miller outright admits that he’s forgotten many bits and pieces from the project due to time and distance), there’s still plenty of interesting stuff herein for players to chew on. Of particular note are the aforementioned stories which were planned and never executed, along with confirmation at long last that Mender Silos was, in fact, completely on the side of the heroes. Check out the full lore rundown if you’d like a few more answers to nagging questions from the departed game.

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