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You are bad and you should feel bad.

FTC finalizes fine for Fortnite’s dark patterns as Epic talks up NFT ‘games’ on EGS

Usually when people says things are going "pretty well," your first sympathetic instinct is to ask about what might be troubling them; those words...

E3 2021: Blankos Block Party launches PC early access, announces partnerships with Burberry, Deadmau5, and Marathon Clothing

So apparently the earlier "early access soft launch" has decided to drop the soft launch part. Blankos Block Party, the multiplayer game-building title with...

Blankos Block Party moves out of open beta and into ‘early access soft launch’

When is a launch product not a launch product but is also sort of a launch product? When it moves from open beta into...

Blankos Block Party makes more shooting and racing changes and improves the Party Bus feature

The open beta for the multiplayer game-building title Blankos Block Party has gotten another update full of improvements to racing and shooting parties among...
You are bad and you should feel bad.

Blankos Block Party adds new props, improves shooting and racing, and brings build mode quality-of-life

Blankos Block Party, the creative sandbox MMO with blockchain connections that recently began open beta, has put out a new update that brings a...
I demand to pay more for this.

Betawatch: Dual Universe’s beta purge

No one likes feeling like playing a game's beta is a grind, and no one likes losing access to a beta unexpectedly. So it's...

Blankos Block Party announces open beta for December 10, end of founder’s pack sales December 13

The beta testing for creation-minded blockchain-linked MMO Blankos Block Party has apparently gone over a treat. So much so that the game is ready...
Whee and such.

Betawatch: Blankos Block Party begins private beta with a fresh hotfix

You never forget your first... hotfix. What did you think we meant? Blankos Block Party has gone into its first private beta, and that...

Blockchain-powered creative MMO Blankos Block Party announces closed beta for November 17 and launches founder’s packs

If you're hearing the sound of furniture being flipped from somewhere, that's evidently Bree's kids upending tables in excitement over Blankos Block Party, a...

PC Gaming Show: Torchlight III just hit early access, New World’s beta begins in July

PC Gamer's PC Gaming Show is upon us today, and good news for MMO fans: We're actually expecting several fun reveals, from the likes...