Blankos Block Party announces open beta for December 10, end of founder’s pack sales December 13


The beta testing for creation-minded blockchain-linked MMO Blankos Block Party has apparently gone over a treat. So much so that the game is ready to move in to open beta this coming Thursday, December 10th. As for what open beta will feature, there will be details shared in the future.

According to the announcement, the private closed beta saw 1600 new blocks created in two weeks, while the game itself boasts over 100K registered accounts seeking beta access and over 15K fans joining in on the game’s official Discord. “One of our central goals for Private Beta has been to build a solid community foundation; an engaged core group of players to help jumpstart the game, but also to form the basis of a flourishing NFT economy,” reads the post.

On the subject of that non-fungible token economy, the beginning of open beta will mean that founder’s packs will stop being sold entirely on Sunday, December 13th. In addition, because Blankos is connected to blockchain economics, this means that the founder’s packs that are remaining will be in limited numbers, so pack sales could be over before the 13th if supplies run out. Hard limits for digital products. The future is now.

For those who don’t recall, Blankos Block Party lets players collect digital vinyl toys and use them in fan-built or officially built minigames or levels. As peppered throughout the news post, the game uses blockchain to affirm player ownership of digital items as well as inject a sense of scarcity, thereby potentially increasing their assumed value. The MMO was first revealed at the PC Gaming Show in June, and entered its closed beta in November.

source: Medium
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