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The MOP Up: My Time at Sandrock will make you a proper Monster Whisperer

To start off our small news roundup this weekend, let's head over to co-op farm sim My Time at Sandrock, where the devs talked about...

Past Fate adds ‘proper starting tutorials’ and makes a swamp zone ‘much more poisonous’

The swamps are swampier and the tutorials are more informative according to Past Fate, which continues its seemingly endless march through closed alpha with...

LOTRO Legendarium: LOTRO’s Update 41 plans monster play reward track, birding hobby, and coop crafting event

Yesterday's Lord of the Rings Online dev stream was a particularly informative one as SSG's Orion made an appearance to talk about what's coming...

Corepunk abruptly ends its second alpha test over disconnects, bugs, and general ‘discomfort’

As we've been covering for the past couple of days, the second alpha test for the OARPG Corepunk hasn't exactly been going well: The...

Final Fantasy XIV will release the second Dawntrail benchmark on June 3

The revised version of Final Fantasy XIV's expansion benchmark is going to be a little delayed, it turns out; an article has gone live...

Elder Scrolls Online’s AMA addresses everything from DDOS attacks and scribing to bifurcated content difficulty

Elder Scrolls Online's devs sat for a lengthy ask-me-anything thread on Reddit this week - feels almost old-school now, doesn't it? - and the...

Diablo Immortal breaks down the design of its new Tempest class

With last week's release of the new Tempest class to Diablo Immortal, Blizzard is taking a bit of a victory lap and deep dive...

Skull & Bones adjusts its Season 2 manufactory defense activity and deep-dives the Helm

Now that Season 2 of Skull & Bones is well underway, it's time for developer Ubisoft to begin the process of making adjustments based...

Embers Adrift adds new dungeons, a horrible beetle monster, and the ability to form a raid group

We all knew it was coming, but this week it's been made official, as Embers Adrift has brought out its latest large-scale content patch...

Corepunk is on day three of trying to get its big alpha test off the ground

Third time's a charm for Corepunk? Artificial Core's top-down MMORPG has struggled through its latest round of alpha, which was originally meant to include...

Bellwright’s first content update adds new forestry building and village management improvements

Bellwright has mostly been focusing on bug fixing since its April early access release, but now it looks as if developer Donkey Crew is...

Elite Dangerous makes several major adjustments to Thargoid War mechanics in latest patch

The Thargoid War in Elite: Dangerous that's currently seeing players assault the immense alien motherships known as Titans hasn't been moving at a particularly...

Corepunk resets alpha, inviting another 5000 players and extending the test to June 3

Corepunk's latest alpha was meant to kick off this past weekend, but it wasn't without a hitch. Artificial Core admitted that the alpha test,...

Skull & Bones begins the Chorus of Havoc season with new endgame, ship, and weapon types

Despite the game's arguably bumpy arrival, Ubisoft's piratical multiplyer game Skull & Bones is pushing ahead with Season 2 today, launching what it calls...

The MOP Up: Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’s Chinese launch crashes from high demand

Dungeon & Fighter is one of those odd franchises that nobody seems to notice in the west but is incredibly, obscenely, immensely popular in...
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Current Wayfinder owners can beta test the big Echoes revamp right now

Yesterday afternoon saw Wayfinder developer Airship Syndicate hold a special livestream (on Twitter of all places) to talk up its upcoming Echoes update. That...
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Co-op raiding roguelike Rabbit & Steel celebrates passing 100,000 copies sold

When you're a solo indie developer, it's hard to know when a game is going to resonate with a potential audience, especially when that...

LOTRO squashes a pesky spider (and other bugs) with Update 40.0.1

Who doesn't want to see a few bugs squashed in an MMO -- especially if said critter had too many legs for comfort? Lord...

Solarpunk showcases an overhauled merchant platform in its latest development update

"We wasted a lot of time but Minecraft inspired us." That's the throughline of a recent update blog and the literal title of a...

Mortal Online 2 begins public testing of its revamped tutorial experience May 22

Last week, Mortal Online 2 outlined plans for its next content update, which include additional pastoral tasks and changes to its new player experience....