christmas 2015

LOTRO invites all to enjoy the warmth of its Yule Festival

Middle-earth's Winter-home is once again open for merriment and questing, as Lord of the Rings Online has brought back its Yule Festival for another...

Guild Wars 2 teases world-vs.-world tweaks

ArenaNet offered Guild Wars 2 world-vs.-world fans an early Christmas present this evening in the form of a sneak-peek at a set of changes...

Log into Marvel Heroes and get free stuff over Christmas

Marvel Heroes is no stranger to rocking a Christmas event, and this year's is going to last 14 days. Starting today, you can log...

Elite: Dangerous offers training vids, support for Star Citizen

Elite: Dangerous is busy celebrating the launch of Horizons this week, but if you've never played before, you could probably use some training, and...
Happy holidaysish.

The Secret World’s Issue #13 brings back Krampus, wraps up the Kaidan survivor stories

Guess who's back once again? If you said "Krampus in The Secret World," you read the title and you are also entirely correct. The...
This is the best-case scenario.

EVE Online’s winter events are all about players fighting… with snowballs

You've been playing EVE Online long enough to know that it's rarely good news when another ship arrives nearby and starts heading toward you...

Chaos Theory: Inside The Secret World’s Issue #13 before launch

It never fails. I am too weak to resist a Secret World dev tour! Even knowing that spoilers will abound, I cannot help myself...

Grab a WildStar Proto-Present Turret key from Carbine and MOP

In celebration of WildStar's Winterfest events, which just so happen to begin today, Carbine Studios has granted MOP keys for 20000 WildStar toys: the Proto-Present Turrets...

The Stream Team: Frolicking through EverQuest II’s Frostfell

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- especially for all those Frostfell lovers out there! EverQuest II's famous winter holiday event is...

SMITE celebrates Saturnalia with free stuff and sales

Ah, Saturnalia: the Roman winter festival drilled into the heads of Latin students everywhere. It's like Christmas, only with waaaay more gambling and booze. Hi-Rez MOBA...
Wings of snow.

Guild Wars 2 starts Wintersday today

Today is not a winter's day, nor is it the start of winter days. That's the solstice, which is on December 22nd this year....

Vindictus EU adds phantom mage, begins holiday events

You standard, run-of-the-mill, fireball-slinging mage is so played out in MMOs these days. So how about stepping up your game with Vindictus and trying...
Well, I had fun.

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates Life Day

It may be a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but the residents of Star Wars: The Old Republic still know...
Ho, then when I say so, ho again.

Final Fantasy XIV previews this year’s Starlight Celebration

Have you ever noticed that every single holiday celebration in Final Fantasy XIV goes wrong? There's never a year when player characters are not...

Massively OP’s holiday gift series roundup

We're down to just a few more days until Christmas, so hopefully you've been taking advantage of our gift guides for the MMO players...

One Shots: Underground wonders

Spelunking isn't just a fun word to say but an exciting activity in its own right. Players who take the time to explore under...

Jukebox Heroes: A very merry Christmas MMO mix

Now that we're into the thick of December, I've given myself permission to finally turn the radio station over to the all-Christmas-all-the-time channel for...

Elite Lord of Alliance’s first major content patch adds a new level cap, a new area, and Christmas

How long should a game be around before you start upping the level cap? Elite Lord of Alliance (or ELOA as it's known to...
Do I look like a patient cow?

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for the World of Warcraft fan

Look, I know what you're thinking, and I'm sorry to say there's not much to be done. As great a gift as it would...

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for The Secret World and Funcom fan

It's the holidays, and in the spirit of giving, I am going I'm going to give you ideas -- for gifts! Instead of waxing...