Elite: Dangerous offers training vids, support for Star Citizen


Elite: Dangerous is busy celebrating the launch of Horizons this week, but if you’ve never played before, you could probably use some training, and that’s exactly what Frontier has on deck in the latest newsletter. The studio has pubbed four “pilot training” videos to introduce players to the new season, covering everything from landing to settlements.

David Braben also says Merry Christmas, discusses the game’s pricing model, and commends rival Star Citizen.

Landing on planets seems to be ‘the new black’ as they might say in marketing circles… You can do it now anywhere on the surface of countless 1:1 scale simulated planetary surfaces in Elite Dangerous: Horizons and landing is coming in the future in No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen (as I heard just now – a major new future feature they announced last night), Infinity: Battlescape and many others. This is a great thing, as open world space games have now truly come back with a bang, and I look forwards to playing them – and also huge congratulations to Chris and the team for raising $100M for Star Citizen! What both Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous are trying to do is very hard indeed. Both games are incredibly ambitious. I am proud and excited about what we are doing, but what they are doing is ambitious too, and I am looking forward to playing Star Citizen when it is finished. What we are both doing is new; we are trailblazing. The scope of both is vast and quite different, and neither have been done before, so there is no right answer for either of the approaches. It is frustrating to see some of the criticism of Star Citizen online. We should applaud when someone tries something that is hard, that hasn’t been done, not discourage them.

Hear, hear. The training vids are below.

Source: Newsletter. Thanks, Cotic!
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