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Elite Dangerous’ Frontier declares it’s ‘getting back on track’ by re-focusing on new and existing simulation titles

Elite Dangerous developer Frontier Developments is using its 2023 annual investor report to proclaim that it's "getting back on track," as it decides that...

Stick and Rudder: The year that was in Elite Dangerous, from self-owns to sloppy updates to slight hope

To say that Elite: Dangerous had a rough 2022 is putting it mildly (and pretty much dismisses the nuance this retrospective hopes to provide)....

Elite Dangerous’ David Braben steps down as Frontier CEO into president role

David Braben, founder and CEO of Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier Developments, is going to be switching roles as he steps down as CEO and...

Elite Dangerous has fully canceled console development to prioritize PC

We're sorry to report this morning that Frontier has just announced that it will be canceling console development of Elite Dangerous, essentially sending the...

Elite Dangerous boss promises Frontier won’t be bought out as Update 11’s release date shifts

With all of the news of video game studio acquisitions that flew around in the month of January, some longtime followers of certain studios...
Bad people.

Elite Dangerous’ David Braben delays Odyssey on console to ‘reprioritise the core PC experience’

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey expansion has been a bit of a bungle, all told. While players initially embraced the new content, even we noted it...

Elite Dangerous Odyssey links server woes to Fleet Carriers, promises to improve performance and map out an update plan

Frontier Developments' CEO David Braben has once more taken to the forums of Elite: Dangerous to address the community regarding the ongoing problems with...

Fleet Carriers can once again jump in Elite Dangerous Odyssey as Frontier boss David Braben apologizes for launch issues

David Braben, CEO and founder of Frontier Developments, would like to offer his apologies to the wider Elite: Dangerous playerbase for the ongoing rocky...

Elite Dangerous Odyssey’s launch sees new player number highs, Fleet Carriers forced to park, and hotfix attempts

It's been a bumpy ride out in the world of Elite: Dangerous. Wednesday's launch of the Odyssey expansion on PC has seen a wide...

Massively Overthinking: The best and worst MMO developer quotes of 2020

We have a fun end-of-the-year tradition on MOP to recap the best and worst MMO developer quotes of the year. In fact, I keep...

Elite Dangerous begins its ‘next era’ Odyssey next year – yes, it’s the space legs expansion

Today's Elite Dangerous expansion announcement isn't going to come as a surprise to long-time players, who already knew that Frontier was working on a...
Big trucking.

David Braben of Elite: Dangerous sees physical games going away in two to three years

Attention, everyone who ordered a physical copy of a video game within the past year: David Braben is coming for your physical games with...

Expansion into the Witch Head Nebula is the next community goal for Elite: Dangerous players

Commanders who are extremely active in all things Elite: Dangerous have likely been looking forward to the space sandbox's next community goal. Yesterday gave...

Frontier Developments takes steps to brighten the final days of a terminally ill Elite Dangerous fan

If you're in any way connected to the greater Elite: Dangerous community, you perhaps are familiar with the name of Michael aka CMDR Michael...

Frontier Expo 2017: Science, history, and gaming make for a great first con

This past weekend was not the first time I have attended a developer's convention, but Frontier Expo 2017 was one of only a very few...
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Elite Dangerous’ David Braben on communities, MMOs, F2P, and the space game genre

Elite Dangerous' David Braben has a big spread in Rolling Stone's Glixel blog this week, and it's a fun read as he zips around...

Aliens from 1984 swarm into Elite Dangerous with Horizons 2.4

For a good long while, it seemed as though Elite Dangerous players were all alone in their gigantic galaxy playground. Then came the discovery of...
You've got to be elite after all.

Elite Dangerous’ The Commanders update today adds player avatars

Call it "Sitting in Cockpits." No longer will your in-game representation in Elite Dangerous be a mere hunk of space metal with a flaking coat...

PAX East 2017: Elite Dangerous and its ‘slightly cowboy free-for-all’

Frontier is hyping Elite Dangerous' expected Q2 PS4 release at this year's PAX East (colon still MIA, sorry), complete with confirmed HOTAS support. Frontier's...

Frontier hints at new game based off a movie franchise

Frontier Entertainment (Planet Coaster, Elite Dangerous) is brewing up something new in its game labs -- but what could it be? Gamasutra reports that the...