Elite Dangerous Odyssey’s launch sees new player number highs, Fleet Carriers forced to park, and hotfix attempts


It’s been a bumpy ride out in the world of Elite: Dangerous. Wednesday’s launch of the Odyssey expansion on PC has seen a wide swath of events for the internet spaceship sandbox ranging from the good to the bad.

On the good news front, the launch of the expansion has seen the game break new peak player count records on Steam, with a new all-time peak of over 27,000 players at the time of this writing (as well as a humblebrag from David Braben). There’s also been a whole lot of pretty screenshots shared by players that have been highlighted by the game’s Twitter account.

As for the bad news, the initial launch saw the servers get absolutely bodied to the point that Frontier Developments elected to temporarily halt Fleet Carrier jumping as a means to mitigate server load, which appears to have mostly worked. For the time being, Fleet Carriers are still being forced to keep their parking brakes on for an indeterminate length of time.

In more recent developments, FDev put out a hotfix yesterday along with a workaround to improve overall performance that involves players removing some files from an install folder and restarting the game. Further issues still persist, like conitinual Orange Sidewinder errors, some reported rollbacks for several commodity costs, and some players still not able to buy suits or weapons despite the hotfix mentioning a fix was included. MMO launches, am I right?

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