Elite Dangerous boss promises Frontier won’t be bought out as Update 11’s release date shifts


With all of the news of video game studio acquisitions that flew around in the month of January, some longtime followers of certain studios might be a bit worried that the right-sized stack of cash will mean ownership changes hands. In the case of Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier Developments, that doesn’t appear to be something that’ll happen anytime soon if CEO and founder David Braben has anything to say about it.

Quotes from Braben in a piece from the Financial Times state that his studio can’t be bought up by anyone, as the 33% stake he and his wife have in FDev acts as a “natural barrier” against any buyout attempt despite being seen as an acquisition target and having a currently low share price; readers will recall that Tencent had already bout 9% of the studio in 2017. The piece otherwise quotes Braben as saying it’s a “real shame” that UK game studios aren’t being invested in by the country and are being bought up by overseas firms.

Meanwhile, in more immediate E:D news, Update 11’s release, which is set to have things like Fleet Carrier interiors and another round of fixes, has delayed a bit, moving instead to a March 8th launch. The Odyssey expansion has otherwise seen a small hotfix to address stability issues.

sources: The Financial Times via Reddit, official forums (1, 2), thanks to Phoenix_DFire for the tip!
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