Guild Wars 2 teases world-vs.-world tweaks


ArenaNet offered Guild Wars 2 world-vs.-world fans an early Christmas present this evening in the form of a sneak-peek at a set of changes on the way at some point in early 2016.

  • Objectives upgrades will no longer be automatic based on time. They will upgrade based on dolyaks that reach them. Smaller groups can now prevent an objective from upgrading by preventing dolyaks from reaching that objective.
  • Supply cost for all catapults are being reduced by ten supply. The layout of the Desert Borderlands map has increased the number of catapults required to take some objectives. We agree with your feedback that also increasing the cost of catapults pushed the balance too far towards defense so we are tuning that more towards offense.
  • Points per kill will be turned on and kept on. This is to more directly recognize the contribution that fighting other players adds to the success of the world.
  • The number of players who can rally off a single kill has been reduced from five to one. Players will also no longer be able to revive defeated players while in combat. You still will be able to revive downed players while in combat. Both of these changes are designed to help fights resolve and to give smaller, more skilled groups a better chance against larger groups.

The studio stresses that these changes are not to be mistaken for the major WvW overhaul. “This update is the first of what we hope are more regular updates to the existing core of World vs. World,” says Anet. “We are looking forward to sharing the details of the bigger World vs World project with you in the future, but we’re not quite ready yet.”

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Xephyr.
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