When will the loot drop

Lineage II Classic increases drop rates across the board

The design of Lineage II Classic is leaning all in for its hardcore designation, but there's a different between "hardcore" and "outright frustrating."...

Warframe posts drop rates for all its loot, hoping to ‘start a trend’

Warframe's Digital Extremes is joining the very small list of online game developers being transparent about just what's in their lockboxes,...
To be fair, some enemies would fear a hatchet.

The Daily Grind: When is an MMORPG rare drop too rare?

The new Anima Weapon quests have me started on that process over in Final Fantasy XIV. It's a slow process toward the high...
Ultimate pens.

DC Universe Online is launching Episode 18 for its members and Update 54 for everyone today

Don't you love running content in hopes of getting a rare drop that never, ever shows up? If you love that, you will hate...