New World is suffering from yet another exploit, this one revolving around malicious chat code

Don't count on playing tonight


The New World community is becoming absolute experts at finding bugs and exploits in the game, prodded on by Amazon’s apparent willingness to provide them for the finding, which is the kindest way I can possibly view this story: Yes, it’s another exploit in New World.

The latest appears to be an unintentional flaw in the game’s chatbox that allows toxic players to enter and run malicious image code in the chatbox; when unsuspecting players in the game hover that text with their mouse, it can crash the client. According to YouTubers Josh Strife Hayes and Callum Upton, who broke the news, such players could potentially perform additional functions using the code, including duping gold, jacking up their volume, triggering sound effects, and altering other players’ settings remotely. (Yes, the YouTubers have escalated these bug reports.)

Multiple bug reports and threads on the game’s official forums and Reddit confirm the exploiters are able to do everything from insert images to crash player clients, which is not only annoying and griefy but also makes basic PvP pointless.

Amazon has not commented broadly on the situation except to note on the forums that it is aware of the problem, but we assume there are currently some engineers in California who just got their weekend plans wrecked.

Needless to say, if the exploit is as bad as it looks, there’s not a whole lot of point to playing right now, and there’s a high likelihood that rollbacks are in the cards too.

This isn’t even the only bug/exploit the game has seen in the last week; Amazon was already dealing with bugs with offline auction sales, bugs with transferring, bugs with Outpost Rush, and the transfer exploit from last week that actually shut down transfers temporarily.

Source: JSH YouTube. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!
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