Neverwinter is boosting the drop rates of premium items in dungeons

Oh, a thing!

There is a bit of a problem with the premium items that can be awarded at the end of dungeons inĀ Neverwinter. For example, you may be looking at that first line and wondering what the heck it’s talking about, because the drops are so uncommon that they are scarcely even spoken of in legends. That would be the core of the problem, and it is also what the team is planning to address by rebuilding these drop titles to actually drop valuable things more often.

Aside from companions and mounts, players will be able to earn bags, wards, tradebars, and a variety of other useful things. The drop rate is still not 100%, but longer and more difficult content should have improved odds of dropping a premium item for players when all is said and done. And hopefully the upcoming changes will make those odds somewhat more reliable than the current “almost never.”

The patch is live now:

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