Boundless introduces new sovereign and creative worlds, celebrates second birthday


There’s already a fair amount of creative freedom in the voxelbox of Boundless, but as of the most recent update that freedom has extended to entire planets with the arrival of sovereign worlds and creative worlds, both of which allow players to form their own planets in the game’s universe.

Sovereign worlds sound pretty much like what a player-owned world would be, with the ability for players to control a number of permissions, block colors, spawning of various creatures and resources, and whether beacons are compact or not among other things. In addition to private planets, the update has also introduced creative worlds that remove all of the restrictions associated with building in the game but lock any items created from being moved to sovereign or known worlds. In short, those who want to own a private world for their friends will want a sovereign world, and those who want to build huge creations and unlimited plots will want a creative world.

It is important to note that these features come at a cost: Private worlds have an initial cost between $10 and $40 depending on the desired map size, and then they must be given world fuel every 30 days, which costs a minimum of $10 or as much as $160 for 480 days of fuel. Initially creating a private world comes with a free 30 days of fuel. Should a private world run out of fuel, it will become locked but not deleted unless the user says it should be deleted.

While these features are certainly the showcase of the update, there’s some other things added as well, like new dance emotes for Gleam Club members, unique emoji, a number of quality-of-life additions, and a celebration of the game’s second anniversary with creatures wearing party hats that drop birthday gifts used to craft seasonal goodies. For those curious about private worlds, there’s an FAQ with information while test server notes from July offer some of the more granular details.

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