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The always cantankerous New World community is in even more of an uproar than usual lately. Go to any of its social media, and...

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A few weeks ago, New World finally launched its cross-world expedition group finder, otherwise known as a dungeon finder. While it was arguably overdue,...

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New World launched two years ago today. While it may have stumbled out of the gate, I believe it has since evolved into one...
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The Doomboard will be mine! MassivelyOP's MJ has been chanting that in her head for three weeks, and she's working hard to get her...

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The Secret World's November development update letter is live. It highlights a new cash shop gifting option as well as two additional nightmare raids....

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Dungeon finders -- they're great, right? They take away the hassle of forming groups and get scads of players into some of the most...