Unity CEO John Riccitiello resigns after nearly a month of self-inflicted corporate drama

It probably won't come as a shock, but after all the Unity drama sparked almost exactly a month ago, Unity CEO John Riccitiello is...

Unity promises ‘changes’ to its deeply unpopular install fee policy after a week of backlash

The intense backlash over Unity's decision to assign staggering new per-install fees to game studios last week probably made last night's admission inevitable: At...

Unity is adding excessive new per-install fees – game developers aren’t having it

Unity has been struggling with its public and corporate relations over the course of 2023, first with multiple rounds of mass layoffs that cut...
Look better.

Ship of Heroes upgrades to Unreal Engine 4.21 for a plethora of features

Upgrading versions of game engines is never terribly interesting. The one advantage for Ship of Heroes in this regard is that the nature of the...
Pants remain elusive technology.

Blade & Soul promises an engine upgrade and more ‘lifestyle’ content

If you feel like Blade & Soul is looking a little dated, you're not alone in that sentiment; the developers feel the same way....

Ship of Heroes upgrades to the latest version of Unreal Engine, adds PopcornFX

Ship of Heroes just got a bit better looking. Heroic Games announced that it upgraded the upcoming superhero MMORPG from Unreal Engine 4.17 to 4.18...
Just what.

A new engine remake is coming for Age of Wushu

If you had to make a list of the game that currently look the worst due to their engines preventing any better looks, you...

Amazon reveals new game engine and multiplayer game service

Engines have been big news for MMO players in recent months as indie sandbox The Repopulation's struggles with Hero Engine drove it offline and...
How far we've come yet.

Shroud of the Avatar prepares for Release 16 with a focus on performance

The last Shroud of the Avatar release saw a shift over to Unity 5 and a number of improvements and changes to the game,...