Guild Chat: Creating a solo-friendly MMO guild

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Not the tentacles please.

How Skyforge’s latest patch has reworked guilds

Some of the changes made to pantheons with the most recent Skyforge update are the result of systems just not working. The clan system...
Oh noes

Guild Wars 2 hints at an event and starts a guild recruitment drive

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Project Gorgon might feature cow-only guilds

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But no playable Iconians. Yet.

Star Trek Online launches Season 10.5

Players in Star Trek Online are still knee-deep in the war against the Iconians, and the latest patch for the game highlights how the...

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Skyforge’s guilds will offer stat bonuses, sub-guilds, and housing

From the sound of Skyforge's first dev diary on pantheons (guilds), it sounds as though joining a group of players will be a near-mandatory...