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Post-apoc Dreadlands joins the latest $10 Humble Bundle

Dreadlands is a game we haven't touched on for a while, but if your amazing memory serves, you might recall that it's this odd...

Humble Bundle apologizes for infuriating charity changes, reverts everything

Humble Bundle caused quite a stink at the end of April by completing upending its entire charity model. The company had announced that it...

Humble Bundle’s charity donation caps cause an uproar among donors and subbers

The folks at Humble Bundle decided to light a tinderbox yesterday with an announcement that outlines a shift in how sales of its game...

Pandemic roundup: Humble Conquer COVID-19, Bethsoft events canceled, EA ‘stay and play’

Welcome back to another roundup of the impact of COVID-19 on gaming. A huge stack of game studios have chipped in to support Humble's Conquer...

IGN has apparently bought up the Humble Bundle company

IGN has just announced that it's scooped up a pretty sweet acquisition: It now owns the company behind Humble Bundle, known best for its...

PSA: Wurm Online is dirt cheap in the Humble ‘Endless RPG Lands’ Bundle

Sandbox fans, if you've never tried Wurm Online, you're about to get a pretty cheap chance, as Wurm Online - specifically, its Wurm Unlimited...

PSA: Fragmented is 25% off in the Humble Store

Have you been waiting for a good deal before jumping on board Fragmented? Time to put your money where your interest is, for the...

New Humble Bundle includes deals on WildStar, Neverwinter, Path of Exile, and more

A new Humble Bundle promotion might just be the best deal you're going to see all year on MMOs. The "Humble Gamepedia Online Multiplayer...

PSA: Pick up The Division in the Humble Weekly Bundle

You can pick up a copy of The Division's beta in this week's Humble Weekly Bundle. As of press time, the beta unlocks with...

Get some Trove and Devilian goodies in this week’s Humble Bundle

It looks as though Trion Worlds has thrown in with Humble Bundle's Extra Life promotion, as both Devilian and Trove have made appearances in...

Wargaming fixes World of Warships Humble Bundle snafu

A few days ago Wargaming angered World of Warships fans by promising some digital items to purchasers of the E3 Digital Ticket Humble Bundle....