The Stream Team: Fate’s Lost Dream in Elder Scrolls Online

If searching the volume of the card catalogues of yesteryear gave you nightmares, then the Tranquil Catalogue in Elder Scrolls Online's Apocrypha might just...

The Stream Team: Investigating Elder Scrolls Online’s Necrom by eeny, meeny, miny, Mo

Although a bit disappointed that both weren't traitors, Massively OP's MJ did root out Dralys in Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom story arc, as well...

The Stream Team: Entering Elder Scrolls Online’s Shrine of the Golden Eye

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Elder Scrolls Online shares some stats from the first month of the Infinite Archive

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I feel genuinely bad for Elder Scrolls Online right now. At a time where all other games are scurrying out of the way of...

Elder Scrolls Online’s revised roadmap includes 30 hours of story content for Necrom

Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is less than a month away -- June 5th, people -- and ZeniMax has locked down the full feature list...
That's different.

Elder Scrolls Online begins testing green-flavored Necrom chapter

As any kid who's choosing a summer popsicle stick knows, green is always a solid pick. Elder Scrolls Online hopes that the magic of...

Elder Scrolls Online reveals Shadow Over Morrowind, the Necrom chapter, and the Arcanist class

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