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Coronavirus roundup: GamesCom 2020 is still planned for August – for now

With GDC and E3 closing their doors, you might be wondering about GamesCom 2020, originally set for August this summer. Will the coronavirus have...
Pictured: Deep hurting.

GDC 2018: Hands-on with Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset and a chat with ZeniMax’s Rich Lambert

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset was announced during GDC 2018, which may or may not have surprised you, depending on how many spoilers you'd already...

Tamriel Infinium: Impressions of Elder Scrolls Online’s Falkreath’s Hold dungeon, part of the Horns of the Reach DLC

Although the vast majority of my time in Elder Scrolls Online is spent solo, running through the single-player storylines, I raid and have done...

Elder Scrolls Online’s veteran ranks are going bye bye

Elder Scrolls Online creative director Rich Lambert made a post on the game's official forum recently that should lead to much rejoicing. Unless you...

Orsinium arrives for PC and Mac Elder Scrolls Online players

Bethsoft has just announced that the Orsinium DLC pack is now available for The Elder Scrolls Online's PC and Mac players. Xbox One and...

Elder Scrolls Online posts Imperial City tour, goes on sale

Yesterday we reported that Elder Scrolls Online had unleashed its first DLC pack, The Imperial City, for PC players. Today, ZeniMax has posted a large...

Player housing is coming to Elder Scrolls Online

While it might be a while coming, player housing has been confirmed as an upcoming feature for Elder Scrolls Online. Start picking out your...