February’s Nintendo Direct shows Nintendo further embracing multiplayer online play

No Man's Sky coming to the Switch wasn't the only big announcement at February 9th's Nintendo Direct. Nintendo will be further beefing up Mario Kart 8 with...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Mordhau, Dransik Rebirth, Aberoth, Star Sonata, and Kicks Online

Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent online multiplayer games you've probably never heard of - or have totally forgotten about. Up first:...

Pretty sure soccer fans hate esports even more than you do

Still think esports isn't really a sport at all? Then you're gonna love what some Swiss fans did at a soccer game this weekend. Superfans...

Black Desert’s weekly update introduces soccer-themed event, guild crafting overhaul, and summer sales

Gooooaaaalllll! Yes, Black Desert is getting into the soccer hype season with its Golden Goal event starting tomorrow. Slay monsters, fish, and harvest to...

Neverwinter’s summer festival returns with more flair

Sitting around your house, bored and sweaty this summer? Don't whine to us, especially after we tell you that Neverwinter has the cure for...

CCP grants EVE Online players skins, skill injectors for Iceland’s Euro 2016 soccer victories

Iceland-based MMORPG studio CCP Games is getting in on the football/soccer hype this week with an in-game EVE Online promo tailored around the success...

Black Desert nerfs ghillie suit, preps revamped skill system, and kicks off soccer event

Times, they are a-changin' in Black Desert Online. The fantasy sandbox received a major patch on Friday that had a far-reaching impact across the...
What the what.

E3 2016: Warframe’s Lunaro is a high-tech quidditch bloodbath

A new mode is coming to Warframe this week, offering players the chance to unwind with a friendly game of Lunaro. Considering that Lunaro...