Black Desert nerfs ghillie suit, preps revamped skill system, and kicks off soccer event


Times, they are a-changin’ in Black Desert Online. The fantasy sandbox received a major patch on Friday that had a far-reaching impact across the game.

The update is too large to mention everything here, but some of its highlights include finally nerfing the controversial ghillie suit (Daum is offering a refund to purchasers), adding PvP dueling, balancing classes, removing skill and awakening reset items from the store, and adding an auction reservation system.

With the patch comes the soccer and warfare event. Yes, leave it to Black Desert to make soccer downright terrifying. Actually, you won’t be playing soccer (or, for our overseas friends, “baseball”) so much as beating monsters down to retrieve stolen balls for kids. It’s charity!

The team said that it is preparing a skill revamp for the near future, in addition to activating all 12 classes’ awakenings. “We’re trying our best to make every class unique and hope that more users would enjoy various experience with each classes,” the studio said. “So we concluded that lowering the leveling difficulty will boost up the speed for leveling characters which is suit for our intention that is to give players more variety in the class experience.”

Source: Patch notes, dev post, Dulfy. Thanks Darthbawl, TJ, and Luvly for the tip!
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