Firefall is coming to PlayStation 4 and mobile platforms


We won’t lie: We’ve been a little concerned for the future of Firefall over the past year. But if the dev team has anything to say about it, the game is either going to go down swinging or emerge triumphant for a new generation.

Firefall recently announced that it is preparing at least two new versions of the game, one for the PlayStation 4 and one for mobile: “Red 5 Studios cherishes the Firefall IP and we are continuing to make the game in the best way that we can. Additionally we are working to bring the IP to other platforms such as PlayStation 4 and mobile.”

There are no details yet as to when and how Firefall will make the transition to console and mobile, but it’s certainly interesting that plans are in the works for it, don’t you think?

Source: Firefall. Thanks Zen D for the tip!
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