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Massively Overthinking: Is old-school MMO dungeon-camping ever coming back?

A while ago on the MOP Podcast, Justin and I randomly wound up on the topic of camping in MMOs - not pitching a...

Final Fantasy XI and Ragnarok Online studio heads look to the future and discuss classic servers

The 20th anniversary site for Final Fantasy XI continues to offer new interviews, and the latest one caps off a series of discussions with...
Anybody wanna do a mage?

Vague Patch Notes: The many flavors of ‘boosting’ in the MMO genre

The other day MOP's Bree and I were having a discussion about boosting. This is not entirely unusual, but it was unusual insofar as...
No, we already made the Cats joke.

Final Fantasy XIV teases patch 6.2, Buried Memory, while announcing a North American data center expansion delay

So there's good news and bad news for Final Fantasy XIV fans this morning. Let's start with the good news: The teaser site for...
Not allowed!

Final Fantasy XIV updates players on changes to tomestones and the end of a PvP series

If you've been holding on to some old Allagan Tomestones from back in Shadowbringers, it's time to trade them in. That's the message for...
Oh, right.

Wisdom of Nym: Forgotten and abandoned systems in Final Fantasy XIV

The weird thing when talking about Final Fantasy XIV when compared with a whole lot of MMOs is that it doesn't have a lot...

One Shots: A face only a mother could love

One does have to consider that even the ugliest critter or most disgusting raid boss had a mother who, at one time, cuddled and...

Square-Enix finally makes good on its threat of selling NFTs with NFT-linked action figures

You may have thought that after seeing NFT prices crash along with cryptocurrency prices crashing, Square-Enix would have backed down from its inane blather...

The Stream Team: Killing and dethroning gods in Final Fantasy XIV

It's raid time once again in Final Fantasy XIV as MOP's Chris brings some of his friends along to take on the 24-player Aglaia...
The yeller.

Perfect Ten: The subtle differences between World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV combat

It's the little things that get you when you weren't paying attention, according to Jim Infantino (and Jim's big ego), and this is true...

Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Moogle Treasure Trove on July 25

Diving into dungeons in search of tomestones in Final Fantasy XIV is a pretty common activity, but irregular tomestones are a different sort of...

Wisdom of Nym: Optional and mandatory content in Final Fantasy XIV

One of the things that I've long held up as a strength of Final Fantasy XIV is that it is designed to allow you...

One Shots: Under an alien sky

There aren't many MMOs that genuinely make you feel like you're on some sort of unknown planet instead of an analogue to Earth, but...
See no anything.

Final Fantasy XIV changes how Crystalline Conflict rewards work for Season 2

It seems a little odd that if you really want a particular reward for a tier in Final Fantasy XIV's ranked PvP, your best...

Final Fantasy XIV makes plan for opening home world transfers while banning RMT accounts

If you want to transfer your home world in Final Fantasy XIV right now... well, you can't. This is not for no reason, either....
Let's eat-a the pizz-a

Final Fantasy XIV takes a look behind the scenes at the tasks of the localization team

It can be easy at times to forget that Final Fantasy XIV is a multilingual title with day-and-date releases for every major patch -...
No, this isn't quite the right place.

Final Fantasy XI’s latest update adds a new farming location for exemplar points and swaps out Ambuscade targets

This month's update for Final Fantasy XI isn't really centered around new story content, so if you were hoping for more of that, it's...
It's a new thing.

Wisdom of Nym: Variant Dungeons and Savage changes in Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2

I know I've said this many times and in a variety of contexts, but for all that there's a certain amount of expected content...

One Shots: Songs for a sinking ship

Maybe it's just me, but whenever I see a screenshot with a Dutch angle, I naturally assume that either a ship or the entire...
It's actually fine.

Wisdom of Nym: Why the Final Fantasy XIV billboard was a terrible idea

Every so often you run across something that makes you want to slam your head against a wall out of sheer, unadulterated bafflement. "What...