test event

This is not salvation.

World of Warcraft offers a preview of what will be required for flight in Shadowlands

Patch 9.1 for World of Warcraft will bring with it the coveted ability to fly in the game's expansion areas, but what will be required...
Go boom.

EVE Online plans a massive missile test for July 4th

The best way to celebrate July 4th is to fire as many explosives as possible in as many directions as possible. If you would...
Owly enough for the owl club.

Gigantic plans a one-day stress test for the weekend

The team at Motiga is happy that players have logged in to stress test Gigantic's servers. But it's not enough stress. More stress is...
Not to be confused with BreakLawyers. That's a whole different game from the start.

LawBreakers hosts its third closed alpha this weekend

Anyone eagerly awaiting the next LawBreakers closed alpha test will be happy to know that the wait is almost over. There's still a wait...
I will admit that I expected the end already.

Gigantic hosts one last weekend stress test event

The Gigantic closed beta is closing soon, but not without one last big closed beta event. The team is looking for as many people...
Let the crows fall, let them tumble.

Crowfall has kicked off external pre-alpha Siege Perilous testing

You don't know if you like Crowfall yet. Sure, you may have taken part in the Hunger Dome testing, but we're going to let...
Gleam the cube.

WildStar invites players to test a new tutorial and get a hoverboard for their efforts

If you're a WildStar fan, you want a new hoverboard. There's no point in saying otherwise because of course you want a new hoverboard....
We had a bet running that it would take longer.

Guild Wars 2’s Stronghold public beta is today; here’s a guide

You can play Guild Wars 2's upcoming expansion PvP mode right now! The Stronghold public beta is today! And then it closes up shop...