World of Warcraft offers a preview of what will be required for flight in Shadowlands

This is not salvation.

Patch 9.1 forĀ World of Warcraft will bring with it the coveted ability to fly in the game’s expansion areas, but what will be required to get there? Not a whole heck of a lot, really, but you’d better be ready ahead of time by being done with the Covenant campaign and having your Renown already at level 40. A new article on the official site previews exactly what will be needed to unlock flight, which involves new steps of the Covenant campaign as well as an increased Renown rank to unlock the ability.

Players who are eager for the patch chiefly for the purposes of fighting other players should also be ready to fight things out a bit today, as the developers are hosting a PvP test session testing out the patch’s altered PvP talents starting at 6 p.m. EDT. It’s a good chance to get into the mix with other players as well as providing direct feedback; after all, there’s nothing as direct as using new talents to personally axe a developer in the face in the game.

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