Star Citizen talks about the creation of the Bengal carrier and hosts a competition to celebrate Pride


During the Invictus Launch Week event in Star Citizen, fans were treated to a special arrival as part of the UEE Navy’s show of might: the Bengal carrier in all its fully functional glory, which happens to be the focus of this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen.

In the video we learn about the challenges of bringing the Bengal into the PU, from updating its design to the staggering size causing performance issues to making sure the ship’s 90 turrets function properly. While the Bengal is mostly a party piece for the Invictus event, it also reportedly provided some learning moments for the devs, as work to optimize the ship and setting up turret AI functions can mean new things for Star Citizen as a whole going forward.

The second half of the video had another sprint report, which featured some new station terminal UI designs; a look at the Greycat armor in action; a production preview of hacking gameplay currently scheduled for alpha 3.15, including hacking chip designs and a quick peek at the hacking HUD; updates on progress for the Aegis Redeemer, Crusader Ares starfighter, and a shuttlecraft players will ride in Orison; and another look at Orison at night.

In other Star Citizen news, CIG is celebrating Pride Month by hosting a contest that urges players to “show their colors” in any way they wish, whether it’s via screenshot, crafting something IRL, or making a video. The creations made by the community will be included in a Pride gallery on Star Citizen’s website, and 10 of the best submissions will receive a Drake Cutlass Red.


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Joe Blobers

Time to show true SC community behavior about diversity:

City Colors

Star Citizen Roadmap

Apparently SC backers community is not make up of racists, misogynists, and anti-gay/anti-trans gamers as per some failed to demonstrate :)

Ardra Diva

just my opinion: this is pandering for the “optics” which they hope will translate to economic gain. And I’m not just saying that because it’s CIG. I’d accuse Blizzard or anybody else of the same thing.

Annoyed badger

I normally dont mind companies cashing in on Pride, after all, being commercialized and exploited cynically for profit is the ultimate sign of acceptance in our society, gone are the days they consider us something to be avoided, we are now to be exploited mercilessly like everyone else.

I do kind of object to blatant scam setups like this doing it though.

Joe Blobers

I don’t mind genuine comments about skeptical or people not joining any alpha but blatant lies about facts is the ultimate sign of uneducated individual about meaning of words and ability to use internet to spread their ‘expertise’.

Words have a meaning. Scam is a word with zero connection with this project.

Second point: Have some basics math and accounting courses before using another word you don’t understand: profit.
They are making zero profit. All pledges are used to develop two games.

Revenues are not profit.
Book provision to pay next quarters expenses are not profit.

Ardra Diva

Joe, you missed your calling. You need to be the White House Press Secretary.


Only one set of facts matter.

What was promised to be delivered by this date and what has been delivered.

Fact: On more than half a dozen occasions a released game was promised by now and you only have an alpha.

Fact: Based on the current list of PROPOSED features that are going to change the world and make this the game to end all games, the current Alpha has less than 20% of those features. Couple that with the first fact and you are ten years away, at minimum, of delivering the promised game.

Fact: CR has tried this with Digital Anvil and movie production companies for over twenty years. In all cases he failed to deliver because he can’t get out of his own way as a creative. Yes, he does have a lot of good ideas but he doesn’t know how to manage them into a deliverable product when he is in charge. The only times he has pushed products out the door is when others have been over him to make him do so. But this time it’s different, right?

Fact: The original scope of the project (forget features) was supposed to be an improved and modern Wing Commander (Squadron 42) that would also tie into and allow you to play in a persistent universe (Star Citizen). Now the project has morphed into a CR wants to build a Space Simulation of the Matrix.

While you may be happy with having the AI make the NPCs go to the bathroom based on what digital food they have eaten, I’d bet a majority of backers would have been happy with what was originally promised.

Now I am going to leave you with one last thing, since you want to hit people about having a lack of business understanding. I have evaluated many companies for acquisition. I also have a lot of experience in rescuing or pulling the plug on large, troubled projects or businesses. Based on everything I have seen to date with this “project” and where it currently sits along the development timeline at this point I would pull the plug on it. I am not beholden to sunk cost fallacy and the market for such a niche product is not big enough to warrant sinking anymore money into this project. Even if you could strip features and finish this for another $25 million, it is ALREADY at a big loss now, so putting anything more in is not going to offset this loss when most of the people that would buy this game to begin with are already backers. Know why I would pull the plug? Because this game doesn’t stand a chance of ever making a profit and that is what businesses need to do to stay in business.

So you keep going on telling everyone how dreams and promises are somehow reality. I, and most other people, live in the real world where until you have something tangible in your hands that is what was promised, you don’t have anything. The current Alpha is NOT what was promised and therefore is NOT a tangible final product.

You currently have a test car, missing all the bells and whistles of a fully produced final car and are trying to tell people the have the final car. No, they have a test car with nothing more than a promise that a final car is coming. A final car that was promised years ago for that matter.

Joe Blobers

CR had such a great successful kickstarter because… of him and several good to memorable games released.
You can bring Freelancer as much as you want, people did enjoyed it. Microsoft would had never even started it.

Two decades ago CR would had got the same support from community should kickstarter exist at this time.

Real world as you said, means that prophecies of doom given by many internet experts about game development, business handling and finance predicted the game was going to collapse back in 2015, 90 days top for sure!!

The same ‘experts’said also it was a niche market… +1 million individual backers later they have been proven wrong as well.
The best is that most gamer never join alpha or participate to any kickstarter.
You can also ignore the most profitable games are those doing micro-transactions or that SQ42 is next gen consoles compatible, to be released in 3 episodes while SC will grab millions of new players after beta.

RSI is a company making state of the art game codes, with two unique products with no competitor with such scope… 3/4 of their capital received… for free. Best ROI of the all gaming industry.
Their are already worth more than half billion $ and the day they do release SQ42 and get SC in beta sate, the sky the limit.

What you call test car is an alpha you can play, which never happen when a company is developing from scratch, not only assets but game engine modification, all pipelines while hiring more devs every single year.

It will be 10 years of development starting from zero by end of Nov. 2022 while multi-billions companies are delivering the same games, re-skinned since decades and are now doing remaster… Fine for those who never had a chance to test original, but useless for all others.
You can also ignore scope change supported by the community since mid-2014, this model is clearly validated with more new backers every year, helped by several free weeks per year to everyone.

We are not 10 years away, that make no sense. The last core tech are currently implemented and/or tested in 2021.
Three new gameplay are coming by end of this year, opening the door in 2022 for remaining gameplay or move from TO to T1.

The single question at this point is about server meshing R&D + test. Call me optimistic but CIG proved to tackle all issues one after the other. OCS double and even triple fps depending on your PC, icache is currently under implementation and they are pushing also on the graphics side with Gen12 codes to substantially improve performance.

A strong company with strong support, already in alpha. I have seen worst situation :)


It is obvious you either work for CIG or are sorely blinded by too heavy investment in a pipe dream.

Freelancer only came to market when they took it out of CR’s hands because he continued to “evolve” the features and it went nowhere.

In all your posts, all you ever do is talk about “what is coming”. Three new features coming by end of year. Let’s talk about how many features were supposed to be delivered by this point in time and aren’t. Forty features due for delivery in 2019, still not here yet.

As for, it is not another ten years out. If we are talking about the product that is promised to be delivered and you are at about 20% completion now – you are AT LEAST ten years out from delivery. This project is going on ten years and they are just NOW starting to work on the depth and concepts of the AI?

Every time you see an article on SC all they start talking about is either new features they are working on – and, coincidentally, were never part of the project to begin with – or new ships. Exactly how many different ships does one game really need? And why does it need so many different ones at launch, rather than get the game done and add them as time goes by.

Something you also seem to constantly overlook. Technology tends to turn fairly heavy over a ten year period. So while what they were working on TEN years ago might have been cutting edge, it becomes common place over time. Give this another ten years, and this game is going to look like something designed in the 90s by then.

I stick with my assertion, this game is still $350 million + from completion. We’ll have to see if CR can keep the magic up for that long but, at what point, does it look like a dream of insanity?

Joe Blobers

It is obvious you are solely focusing on hating CR rather than having honest thought.
Freelancer would had never been created by Microsoft without CR. Not even the first line of code.
As I said, should kickstarter be a thing at this time, players would have funded what was required to reach CR’s vision. Exactly what happen now with SQ42+SC… CR get the support needed to create what players want.
Don’t agree? no problem join at release or when released contents match yours expectations.

How many ships are needed? Way more than what we have today.
As a WOT players, you could imagine than 10 or 20 tanks would be enough to enjoy it. Absolutely not. There are more than… +800 different tanks in total.
Why so much? because it allows to please all players, improve and diversify gameplay experience.
Same for SC. More is better and believe it or not, teams making ships are not doing network code or VFX.

About features delivered in 2019 from patch 3.5 to 3.8:
115 cards delivered :)
Those that were removed have either been moved to another quarter or replaced by another card. CIG is so hard at not delivering that 200.000 NEW individual backers joined just in 2020.

You can stick as much as you want to your assertion, they are just gross misunderstanding of current development and game development at large.

First assertion about progress “becoming common place over time”.
There are not a single game released in past years or in development with all SC features release in.. alpha.

Even latest CIG trailer Bethesda Starfield (released date 11.11.2022) showing a pilot climbing on a ladder… won’t be in game. A Game Mr Todd himself said it was 25 years in the making…
Their game engine technology don’t support real-time ladder climbing… from a multi Billions $ company with decadeS of games released LOL

RSI on the opposite not only update assets but improve constantly graphics tech together with Vulkan backend and Gen12 renderer. This alone is enough to keep them.. ahead of others companies, not behind.

By mid next year RSI will have implemented all core tech allowing to poor remaining gameplay and contents to make SC a viable product for most players, plus another year of optimization…. not 7 extra years.

When ambition supersede insanity :)

Annoyed badger

No, Scam is exactly the word to associate with star citizen, and increasingly its the only word that should be associated with them.

they are making no profit? really? they not paying wages, they are not taking home money? wow, CR is homeless and living on begged scraps is he?

you are a joke.

Joe Blobers

Salaries = profit… You summed up your all expertise in a single sentence lol


How does “get woke, go broke” play out when you are already holding all your potential customers’ money? I’d guess they’re immune?


It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. CIG’s history of community management has been fairly toxic to LGBTQ+ players, so the Pride ads come off as disingenuous. At the same time, their own players are hostile to inclusivity (that whole Twitter chain includes both points of view).

So they’ve managed to anger everyone!

Bruno Brito

At the same time, their own players are hostile to inclusivity

i’ll try to see this from a positive light in that they’re keeping us from joining the pathetic cashgrab that is SC.

Joe Blobers

OMG… and now BS about rumors from a blog followed by 18 guys.

I thought I read all type of non sense but now CIG (the all company: +500 employees and management) are fairly toxic to LGBTQ+ players.
Oh and players are hostile… the all +3.5 millions registered ones.

Quote “So they’ve managed to anger everyone!”

No dude, not everyone. 18 guys with serious understanding problem, spreading rumors from anon sources (as usual).

It does not matter what gender you are, what is your sexual orientation, skin or hair color, the worst type of human behavior are those rejecting others through their limited intellectual prism and this quote show it brilliantly.

You insult +500 devs and all individual who don’t care about difference. Grow up.



All one has to do is scroll through the comments on the official site to see how much the mods had to remove, as well as the number of anti-gay/anti-trans comments that still remain (see: everything by Kashban [GER] and others as an example).

Maybe – JUST MAYBE – you should stop defending toxic behavior, whether it’s by CIG or the Star Citizen community.

Grow up.

Joe Blobers

Just one quote from this very Spectrum thread to summarized all:
“Diversity is an advantage. Equality is a right. Support all gamers from all backgrounds and walks of life. Thanks CIG for the contest and community support. ”

No CIG’s employees and Backers are not abominable individual. Let’s just pretend that because some are idiots the all 1 million backers and +500 devs are…. your anti-CIG campaign is as useless as the hater’s prophecies.


Cherry-pick all you want to justify how one statement negates all of the foul, toxic, anti-LGBTQ+ statements and. the lack of progress CIG is making, but when it comes down to it, you’re only condoning toxic community behavior instead of speaking out against it.

You are part of the problem, Joe.

Communities and games are better when there’s more inclusivity, and you are dismissive of anything that might be seen as negative. That enables the worst of the worst.

Do better.

There was a thread on the SC reddit comparing women to spaceships, and why spaceships are better. It’s still there. The mods didn’t take action, because the community culture condones this behavior. Just read through the comments

Do better.

The misogyny, homophobia, and anti-trans attitudes are real, and I don’t see you speaking up against it, because you need to defend a game that might or might not exist in the future.

Just like you had to defend CIG against vetted (that’s the important part) employee claims about their work culture during the freeze in Texas a few months ago.

You are a part of the problem with the SC community and gaming culture at large.

Do better.

Joe Blobers

Quote: “Cherry-pick all you want to justify how one statement negates all of the foul, toxic, anti-LGBTQ+ statements and. the lack of progress CIG is making”

Let’s rephrase it:
Cherry-pick all you want to justify how very few statement negates all of the foul, toxic, anti-CIG statements and the proof of progress CIG is making.

I am not even sure you care about LGBTQ+
It is just another opportunity to spit on CIG, your phrasing is about all CIG’s plus 1 million individual backers do demonstrate misogyny, homophobia, and anti-trans attitudes… The funnier is that you can pick 99% comments sections on the planet and you can find stupid comment not modded…. but CIG and backers are evil.

The Texas BS example point it out perfectly… or when anti-CIG do valid anon source and reject real employees saying the very opposite.

You are at the same level than the behavior you condemned.


Joe, if I keep linking examples, it’s no longer cherry-picking is it? It’s symptomatic of a larger problem.

I never said CIG backers were evil. Irrational and toxic (See: anything I linked, as well as your comments defending those links) – definitely, but not evil.

I work with LGBTQ+ organizations in the real world, Joe – both in my city and in my work. Gaming culture, for a number of reasons, seems to be one of the last hold-outs where toxic behavior is accepted as the norm, and even defended, instead of being called out for what it is – toxic.

CIG has trans devs on their staff. Imagine how insulting it is to them when they see people like Kashdan and others making anti-trans comments in the official forums? Even more insulting is when some self-appointed white knight walks into the comments to say, effectively, “No, no, no! That’s just one instance! Everything is just fine!” – when we all know it’s not fine.

Let me put this in terms that you can understand, and which will appeal to your rather monofocused raison d’etre:

CIG would get even more funding if the overall community culture wasn’t so women and trans-exclusionary. When CIG ran their BLM promotion last year, quite a few racists made themselves known, which was similarly not a good look for the community and anyone (who’s not a racist) looking in from the outside, wondering how they should spend their money if this is the community they would have to play with.

You want to live up to your avatar? Then start speaking out against misogyny and anti-trans attitudes, starting with the community you love the most.

By not speaking against it or calling those people out, you are permitting it and perpetuating it.

Do better.

Joe Blobers

It does not change the very meaning of your behavior. You do not say they are evil, it is more subtle: Irrational and toxic, yours words…. CIG backers and you pin point CIG as a company as well… all of them.

Indeed CIG did moderated the thread by deleting several comments and the thread is pretty well under control with many well balanced answers and position about tolerance.

You want to live up to your avatar? So spread the word about CIG celebrating the whole month of June…

“June is Pride Month!  
We warmly invite each of you to celebrate Pride all month long by showing us your colors! “

The thread was moderated probably more than on many web sites around and they do have trans employees as per yours own words. They also dedicated backers pledges
to create specific female skeleton.
In short they are doing MORE and better than many companies.

If CIG would want to get more money, they would follow what you call the overall community culture not being so women and trans-exclusionary.
They did the opposite

But you can’t refrain yourself to compare all CIG devs + backers to few individual, pretending this is reflecting SC community while showing your support to anon source rather than real employees.

At the end, you show that you are not so different of @Kashdan and others (others being a few guys out of 1 million CIG backers): sectarian and bigot.

You see the mote in your brother’s eye, but you do not see the beam in your own eye’.


The thread was certainly moderated more than, say, Reddit. But it obviously wasn’t moderated enough, if Kashdan and others have their comments still visible. And it’s the visible part that people see, Joe. It raises questions about why those comments remained. It’s not like CIG moderators were like, “We’re going to keep this here as an example of what NOT to do.” No. The comments are just there, and whether Kashdan is one voice or representative of many, it gives people a good idea of what elements make up the community.

Also LMAO at using backer funds to create a female skeleton – a BASIC feature in any modern game. CIG showed off female characters in 2013, and it took them over 5 years just to get them in the game – and not without fundamental issues. But that’s a development problem, not a cultural one.

Never once did I compare ALL CIG backers and devs to a few. If you read what I typed, I said if the few extremists are given permission to be toxic, then the view of the culture as a whole from the outside is toxic, because, yes, bad apples can spoil the whole bunch.

I also think you need to read up on what bigotry means. Just because I am intolerant of racists, misogynists, and anti-gay/anti-trans gamers doesn’t make me a bigot; it just means I refuse to permit or defend toxic behavior.

But as per usual, you think defending the worst of the worst is just fine.

Every time I think you don’t have any credibility left to lose, you prove me wrong. This is a new low.

Joe Blobers

About female skeleton (05:00):

Star Citizen: Around the Verse – Hovers Are For Lovers
And no this is not basic implementation in others games. Your analyze of being a development problem is as accurate as your analyze about CIG and LGBTQ+ behavior.

You can now claim you did not targeted the whole CIG staff and whole SC backers community but yours comments said otherwise.

And you repeated it right in your very last comment:

Quote: “…and whether Kashdan is one voice or representative of many, it gives people a good idea of what elements make up the community.”

Definition of “make up”: Make up (of parts) compose or constitute a whole = comprise, form, compose, constitute

You raise a flag of integrity “I refuse to permit or defend toxic behavior” but validate anon source versus real employees saying the very opposite…

Again, CIG did way more for LGBTQ+ than many… but you target them, all backers included like a perfect bigot because you are a mere shadow of what you pretend to be, perpetrating what you pretend to fight.


First, I made a mistake. It’s Kashban, not Kashdan.

Joe, I hate to say it, but either there’s a language barrier or you are being willfully ignorant, because you’re circling back to pedantic semantic arguments instead of reading the actual message.

So let’s break does your comment once and for all:

1. I specifically pointed out that if the loudest and most toxic backers are given a voice without moderation (see: Kashban and others who made anti-LGBTQ+ comments) then anyone looking in from the outside has no reason to believe anything other than that behavior is permitted. Whether it’s one person’s comments or many, the well looks poisoned.

2a. I didn’t validate anon sources – actual journalists did. If you don’t understand how anon sources work, it’s probably because you have no idea how journalism works – which is fine. It’s probably not your industry. But even Bree Royce explained how it works (see my link above), and you still refused to accept facts.

2b. If you do not believe people (anon or not) and then vett their claims (something the original reporter did in the Texas incident), it opens up the door to unchecked abuses. It’s as important in the workplace as it is in day-to-day life.

3. For the past four comments, your argument has been a lot of “No, U!” combined with a dash of projection from a guy who completely missed the entire point. (For someone who started off wanting to call out trolls, to keep this combative stance against someone pointing out the SC – and gaming at large – has an anti-LGBTQ+ problem, you’ve become a troll yourself.

Instead of saying, “You know what? Those people making anti-LGBTQ+ comments are pretty messed up, and maybe there’s a way I could participate to make the SC community – and possibly the MMO space as a whole – better,” you instead double down by ranting and raving that everything is fine over at CIG, and the backers are good, and somehow, it’s the people pointing out the issues who are the real problem.

Grow up.

Do better.

Don’t bother replying until you want to have a rational discussion like an adult instead of a small-minded child who feels a compulsion to defend individuals, communities, and practices that are just as fallible and human as everyone else.