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Post-apoc survival FPS Survarium will sunset in May after seven years in early access

Early access doesn't always mean a game will launch, especially if it doesn't build up a captive audience during that access period. That would...

Grab a freebie Survarium co-op mission key from Vostok and Massively OP!

Early access post-apoc online shooter Survarium is having a good year: Not only is it working on its 0.52 update, which is set to...

Grab a Survarium bundle key from Vostok and MOP

Survarium's huge 0.41 patch landed on the live version of the game this week, touting a new daily nomination system, new tactical supplies, changes to...
You are dead. Did you even read?

Survarium deploys patch 0.40 to its live servers with UI changes and weapon modules

Sure, you're in the middle of a pitched battle for survival with whatever you can find in Survarium, but that doesn't mean that you...
Deck the, um... halls. Or don't. It's cool.

Survarium patch 0.34 adds Christmas-themed raiding and improved netcode

The good news is that if you're reading this today, you've managed to survive the holiday rush. The question, then, is whether or not...

Giveaway: Survarium Bandit Set keys from Vostok and MOP

Have you checked out the open beta for post-apoc online shooter Survarium? Developer Vostok Games wants to make it easier on you: It's given...

Survarium reverses its disastrous server merge

Even though they may be feared, server merges are a fact of life in many MMOs. One such merge came this past April in...