Survarium deploys patch 0.40 to its live servers with UI changes and weapon modules

You are dead. Did you even read?

Sure, you’re in the middle of a pitched battle for survival with whatever you can find in Survarium, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to suffer through the indignity of using a stock weapon. Who just picks up a gun and shoots it? Animals, that’s who. You, however, can unlock brand-new weapon modifications in the game by scoring kills with your weapon of choice, each of which will have an effect upon the weapon’s performance and overall profile.

The latest patch to the game also brings UI improvements to make the lobby easier to navigate and more appealing to look at – you don’t need to suffer through ugly UIs while surviving, either. As is the custom, there’s a video just below detailing the major changes of the patch in a quick sweep, or you can read through the patch notes for detailed descriptions of the weapon mods and how they operate.

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