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MMO Burnout: Sailing the seas of Windward

Windward is an oddly endearing little duck that escaped my wandering game eye prior to the moment developer Tasharen Entertainment dangled an early access key in MassivelyOP’s general vicinity. It’s not strictly an MMORPG, which you might have guessed given its presence in this column, but it shares enough of the genre’s DNA to both be worth mentioning on MOP and to please fans of said genre.

If I had to sum up Windward in a single pitch, it boils down to Sid Meier’s Pirates plus multiplayer minus those dance-with-the-governor’s-daughter minigames.

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The Daily Grind: Did you do anything noteworthy in MMOland this weekend?

I didn’t game as much as I would have liked this weekend, but I did manage a smidge of Elite: Dangerous, a bit of Windward, and a tiny bit of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. Yes, I know I’m terribly late to the party on that last one.

But this Daily Grind isn’t about what I played, it’s about what you accomplished. So, how about it, MOP readers? Did you do anything noteworthy in MMOland this weekend?

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Sea-based sandbox Windward launches

Unfurl the sails, cut the jib, and swab the poop deck — Windward launch, ho!

The sea-based sandbox officially rolls out of drydock today on Steam, leaving early access and updating to version 1.0. Windward puts players in control of ships sailing the high seas, looking to trade, plunder, and explore a procedurally generated world. The title offers both a single-player and larger multiplayer experience.

For its launch, Windward is on sale for $12.74 on Steam. You can watch the game’s release trailer after the break to see if this would be money well spent!

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Windward sets sail on May 12

If the sea is calling to you yet you lack the bouyancy to be a truly successful marine conquerer, then it would probably be prudent to live out your dreams in the safety of your own home. Thankfully, we have Windward for that, a sandbox sailing game that works like a cross between Freelancer and Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Windward players can pick from one of four factions and set sail to battle pirates, explore the procedurally generated map, complete quests, and make a fortune from trading. There are options to play both solo and with others, and the team even added an option to play a game free from combat entirely.

The title has been in early access on Steam for quite some time but will be releasing on May 12th. It carries a price tag of $14.99.

[Source: Steam]