world of warcraft

Official Site: World of Warcraft
Studio: Blizzard Entertainment
Launch Date: November 23, 2014
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Subscription (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Oh... that's disappointing.

World of Warcraft previews the Dark Heart update arriving on May 7

Hasn't World of Warcraft promised the final chapter in Dragonflight a couple of times now? Well hold on to your hats because the very...
Somehow, Palpatine returned

Betawatch: World of Warcraft heads for another expansion test cycle with The War Within

Like Oscar Isaac folding his arms and lowering his head with an exasperated sigh, we must report to you that somehow, World of Warcraft...

WoW Factor: The strange excitement split for World of Warcraft’s The War Within

There's an interesting aspect I've observed about World of Warcraft as we slowly creep toward the release of The War Within. No one who...

World of Warcraft shares the patch notes for its first phase of The War Within alpha testing

The time has come for those who signed up or bought in to test the next expansion of World of Warcraft: The self-described "public...

The Daily Grind: Do alternate and classic servers risk alienating existing MMO fans?

Back in December, Guild Wars 2 boss Josh Davis told fans that "alternate servers and hardcore modes aren’t a priority for ArenaNet," as the...

Massively Overthinking: MMOs and ‘fresh piece of gum’ syndrome

Back in March, MOP reader Exarch Cathedra posted a comment to a Daily Grind about daily logins and sticky MMOs that caught my attention,...

Fractured adds new playable demon races and cash shop with its May 8th Invasion update

Dynamight Studios formally announced Fractured Online's next patch last night: Dubbed The Invasion, it heralds the arrival of two new player demon races, specifically...

World of Warcraft adds videos and Q&A on the War Within, dynamic flight, and more

We hope you World of Warcraft fans brought a big appetite for The War Within this week because Blizzard doesn't seem in the mood...
If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now.

World of Warcraft shows off the ways that Warbands will share currency, items, and reputations

Your Warband is going to share everything. Clothes, money, social standing, even boyfriends. That's the big takeaway from the new entry on Warbands from...

Perfect Ten: The 10 types of MMO rotation

Rotations! They're not just just for your tires any more; they're in your MMORPGs, determining what order you should press the shiny buttons on...

Casually Classic: Four lessons we’ve learned from WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery so far

As I write this, we're still a long way off from the end of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery. A final stretch of leveling...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 465: Remixing Pandaria

Justin and Bree discuss WoW's Mists of Pandaria remix, new progression servers for EverQuest and EverQuest II, WoW Cataclysm Classic pre-patch, Blizzard's return to China, Blizzard's new mystery game, FFXIV's Dawntrail benchmark, Sky Childreon of the Light, Palia layoffs, and the Stop Killing Games game preservation movement, plus adventures in LOTRO.
Take me to wherever this is.

World of Warcraft opens beta signups for The War Within

The hour of testing has arrived for World of Warcraft's next expansion... well, sort of. The hour of signing up for the hour of...

Blizzard’s return to China has already counted over two million interested WoW players

After over a year of bad blood following the removal of most all Blizzard's games from China, the World of Warcraft studio is poised...
Local Panda Recalls When She Was Special.

WoW Factor: What’s a Mists of Pandaria remix and why is World of Warcraft doing it?

In hindsight, I feel like I was gentler toward Season of Mastery than I should have been. World of Warcraft has turned everything into...

Massively Overthinking: How long should it take MMO players to get to ‘endgame’?

With Throne & Liberty's latest global underway, I want to point back to something Amazon said about the test for our Massively Overthinking discussion...

World of Warcraft previews the upcoming Mists of Pandaria Remix in patch 10.2.7

Apparently, the plan for World of Warcraft's content leading up to The War Within is to just make you play classic flashbacks whether you...

World of Warcraft brings the Cataclysm Classic pre-expansion patch on April 30

Do you remember back in the day when you were very excited to have Deathwing blow up a good chunk of World of Warcraft?...
re-mess up the remix

NetEase and Blizzard ink deal to revive World of Warcraft, Overwatch 2, and Diablo IV in China

(As of late tonight, Blizzard has officially confirmed the rumors. Our original post follows, and we've updated with the official news at the end.) It's...

Massively Overthinking: Would you pay for a Guild Wars 1 revival?

WoodenPotatoes had a fun video this past weekend about Classic Guild Wars 1, and I fully admit I clicked on it just to hear...