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Wurm Online teases new content and Steam as devs scale back content support for Wurm Unlimited

Wurm Online dished out a new patch to players this past week, with changes for the Jackal server, updates crafter signatures, new hitching posts...

PSA: Wurm Online is dirt cheap in the Humble ‘Endless RPG Lands’ Bundle

Sandbox fans, if you've never tried Wurm Online, you're about to get a pretty cheap chance, as Wurm Online - specifically, its Wurm Unlimited...
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Wurm Online works on becoming better-looking and better-performing

This past Saturday, Wurm Online pumped out a small 4.0.6 client release. With improved performance and better lighting, the patch serves as a prelude...

Wurm Unlimited patches up to version 1.3 today

Good news for fans of Wurm Online, as the Wurm Unlimited version patches up to patch 1.3 today. That means both versions of the...

Wurm Online roadmap outlines cooking, client, interface, and tutorial plans

Code Club has given Wurm Online players a rough outline today of what they can expect from the game over the next few months....

Wurm Unlimited is kicking ass on Steam

Wurm Unlimited is still hanging out in SteamSpy's top 25 after one month of release. A press blurb from Code Club lead developer Rolf Jansson...
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Wurm Unlimited is on Steam, and at a discount

Are your wurms on Steam feeling distinctly limited? Then you should be happy to know that Wurm Unlimited is now available on Steam, giving...

Host your own sandbox with Wurm Unlimited on Steam

Code Club has just announced a new phase in development for fantasy sandbox Wurm Online: Wurm Unlimited. Arriving on Steam on October 21st, Wurm Unlimited "allows...