Wurm Online roadmap outlines cooking, client, interface, and tutorial plans


Code Club has given Wurm Online players a rough outline today of what they can expect from the game over the next few months. In a roadmap posted to the official forums, Client Developer Budda says that the team is focusing on two projects: the new client renderer and the cooking update.

“The unstable client has most of the major bugs and crashes addressed at this point, and we really urge you all to try running it,” he writes. “There is currently a known bug which causes random disconnection issues, once that is fixed and barring any further large crash bugs or issues we will be moving the new renderer to the stable client and releasing client update 4.0, so please do take the time to run the unstable client and report any bugs. As stated the last time we did a push for testing of this client, not testing it out now on your system may affect your play if a previously unreported bug shows up when the client moves to stable and the current stable client is no longer available.”

The cooking update, which will be accompanied by additions to the Rift system, sounds much more fun and is expected to open for testing by the end of October, with a “tenative release date of mid November.”

Beyond that, the sandbox is slated for updates to the in-game interface, a revamp for the tutorial, a web-based account system, and an updated online store, with support for the modding API on the wish list.

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