Star Citizen’s Ten for the Chairman basically describes Tramp Freighters Online

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts and Tony Zurovec teamed up to field backer questions on a new round of Ten for the Chairman this week. This episode is at least in part about stuff, literally: The early questions focus on cargo and salvage and how it all works. Star Citizen is all about the realism and the ecosystem of living and trading in space; you’ll be able to truly see the stuff you’re buying and hauling, there will be a combination of automatic and manual cargo unloading, salvaging will be a completely legitimate playstyle, “player-generated mayhem” will be possible across certain parts of the persistent universe, and you will indeed be able to “move fluidly between professions.”

Roberts also addresses the basic difficulty of just keeping your hunk of junk in the air. “There will definitely be a certain amount of maintenance keeping your ship running especially in the bigger ships,” he says. “If you’ve watched any science fiction movie and you’ve seen Chewie banging the Millennium Falcon or the crew of the Nostromo having to keep their ship running and stuff like that.”

It’s definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re my kind of geek — i.e., the kind who isn’t much into World of Evil Space Jerk Empire but thinks the idea of Tramp Freighters Online sounds damn fun.

Source: YouTube, Reddit, Relay. Cheers, Zander!
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Melissa McDonald

You know, I admit that I am sometimes naïve. To me, it is preferable to being a hard cynic. I can’t live as Bard the Bowman, forever grimly warning of fish kills, crop-killing hailstorms, etc.
But sometimes the stuff they talk about “you’ll be able to do this…” is getting more and more fanciful to the point that I’m starting to think it’s B.S. Don’t get me wrong, I want SC to be a great game. But…

Joe Blobers

Clearly the lastest ATV demonstrate a lot of BS:

… or the very opposite. SQ42 is coming before mid 2018 (1st chapter) and SC will continue to grow up till teh point of Beta, probably by end of 2018. Their current pipeline allow them to throw many contents… SC is an MMO so we will get a lot during the next 2 years… then even more.

Kickstarter Donor

The very last thing I think of whenever I think about playing Star Citizen is player-versus -player combat, so yeah, Tramp Freighters Online very much appeals to me as well.

Other games have got science-fiction PvP gaming covered in various ways — it’s all the other aspects of playing in a “living” science-fiction universe which is mostly absent, and which I’m most interested in playing, and why I backed the CIG project.

My opinions, anyway,


Space Truckin’ across the Universe…

Melissa McDonald

the fireball we rode was movin’
but now we have a new machine
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the freaks said
“man, these cats can really swing”

roo woods

give the sense they are marching forward
so they don’t have to reimburse?

Loyal Patron
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Space Captain Zor

I still laugh and shake my head at Tony. In his first public appearance at the Persistent Universe Town Hall couple years ago during the first PAX South he said how nervous he was to get out in front of everyone and talk. That lasted about 20 minutes…lol

A Dad Supreme

“…but thinks the idea of Tramp Freighters Online sounds damn fun.”
I think more people would play Freighter Tramps Online.


It was an interesting chat to listen to and there’s some great ideas in there (and some not so great ideas) but I am firmly in the camp of believing it when I see it.
When I think back to what Star Marine was touted to be and then look at what we have, it’s really basic in comparison. Hopefully they can deliver and it will be fun to play.


For those that are impatient, and don’t mind a more unprofessional version of Relay’s (amazing) work I wrote up a quick summary..

My favorite explanation:

Well, that was awesome.
Most of the answers were smart and sensible, which will surprise absolutely no-one that paid attention to how they have made decisions since the beginning. They are sticking to their approach that everything has to be physical, as visual as possible, deeply simulated and interconnected.
One of the thing that was interesting is that the concept of missions keep coming up. It appears to be much more granular and generalized than the name lets on and I suspect mostly part of subsumption.
The most interesting and exciting bit, albeit not quite surprising, is that there won’t be cargo teleportation. It may be handled by station machinery, NPCs or yourself but it will be physically moved. It’s incredibly exciting to me to imagine the sight of massive Hulls being physically unloaded at planetside spaceports. It makes the universe come so much more alive.
I love the vision for salvage, it has only gotten better. Tony nailed it with the used future kind of feel that you would get in a ship filled with disreputable individuals on a salvaging operation. I had also forgotten about the concept of stress for items, it’s pretty cool.
The theme of travel and journey is something that is getting explored more and more, both visually and in gameplay. I like that they are really keen on creating that sensation of travel, of remote places actually feeling remote. I can’t wait to hear more about it, especially visually. The little snippet we saw was pretty cool.
Mining coming in as a first iteration isn’t really a surprise. It won’t be the whole vision but I suspect it will already be quite complex and engaging. It’ll be interesting to see how much of that they manage to cram into 3.0. Also interesting that there will be an autopilot on top of NPCs.
Really, this whole 10ftC reminds me of PCGamer’s recent interview with Warren Spector, Harvey Smith and Ricardo Bare among others legends. I can’t shut up about this but I love that ever since the beginning they have designed SC as an immersive, deeply complex simulation. This isn’t a game about isolated gameplay mechanics of which you tire in the span of some hundreds hours at most. This is an ecosystem of deep and intertwined systems that function in logical terms and make SC’s world a believable place. This is the whole idea behind immersive sims like Deus Ex and I like the term functional world that Tony coined in, which is very accurate. While harder by orders of magnitudes to create than other games (gameplay loop? that’s cute), there’s no end to the merits of this type of approach. This pursuit is something that, in my mind, truly realizes some of the potential of what games should be about.
And I got carried away. Yeah, really cool stuff, more than worth a watch :).

Bob Dobalina

I suspect in a year or two after release, SC will be free to play with players having to do those odd jobs like crewing a ship or hauling cargo to make enough to buy a game package ship. Certainly are building the gameplay to support that.

Joe Blobers

Or it follow the path of GW2. You buy game and then can throw real cash if you are looking for cosmetic stuff, exotic plants or play an alien race. GW2 is doing very well and depending on the numbers of SC players, 2 millions, 5, 10 (with SQ42 on new gen console?) there is no need to be grindy. But all option are open, we will see.