World of Warcraft shakes up PvP battlegrounds with bi-weekly events

To keep things interesting in World of Warcraft’s PvP battlegrounds, the team recently implemented bi-weekly events that add interesting new twists in these familiar places.

From now through May 23rd, the Deepwind Dunk turns Pandaria’s battleground into a basketball-style contest. Grab the ball and go in for a dunk back at your home base to win it for your team. After that, the Tarren Mill vs. Southshore event is returning on May 30th, followed by a crazy 15v15 arena battle event on June 13th.

Looking ahead to Patch 7.2.5, a new solo challenge will task players with guarding the time-traveling dragon Chromie from being assassinated. Do so well, and all sorts of transmogs will be yours! Check out what the instance looks like after the break.

The team also wanted to make sure that all players had access to the new “A found momento: Raising a king” cinematic from Patch 7.2, as its story is quite important for the game moving forward:

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2 Comments on "World of Warcraft shakes up PvP battlegrounds with bi-weekly events"

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Nathan Aldana

ah yes. the anduin plotline. or “why hordies get to basically sit out on the only interesting part of the broken shore”


Who would want to assassinate Chromie? :(

…couldn’t she just warp back every 10 minutes before her assignation, hence holding her assassin prisoner for eternity? Sorta worked for Dr. Strange. o.O