Blade & Soul’s PAX West e-sports tourney has a $170,000 prize purse

NCsoft’s taking another stab at MMORPG e-sports, this time with Blade & Soul, which will serve as the focal point of the company’s tourney at this weekend’s PAX West.

“The best North American Blade & Soul Esports teams will compete in the Blade & Soul Regional Championship at PAX West in the PAX Arena on Sept. 3. Matches will be all day with finals beginning at ~6:30 p.m. PDT. The winner and runners up of the tournament will – for the first time in Blade & Soul’s history – secure their invitation to represent North America against 16 other teams from around the globe to be crowned the best of the best in Blade & Soul’s World Championships.”

There’s quite a bit of cash on the line for this event, too: $170,000, half of the total pool. “Top finishers in the tournament will get their share of the $340,000+ prize purse raised by Blade & Soul fans via purchasing a special in-game item,” says NCsoft. “The two North American qualifying teams will join European champions Bad Intentions and runner up xdddd at the World Championships in Seoul.” Catch the fun on Twitch on Sunday!

Source: Press release, official site
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3 Comments on "Blade & Soul’s PAX West e-sports tourney has a $170,000 prize purse"

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Daniel Miller

No way!
This will be like For Honor. Someone will cheat and claim money. PVP requires no skill in almost every game. People cheat in one form or another. They have no skill.


I would be more interested if it had $185,000 golden pigtail. <3

Chantal Peykulia

one of the few non pay2win mmorpg, nice to see this kind of events.