RuneScape dishes out its 2018 roadmap

Get ready to “juice your sq’irks,” whatever that means, because RuneScape is hitting 2018 at a dead run. Looking at the year ahead, Jagex had plenty to say about some of the content coming to the game over the next several months.

Upcoming events and patches include a giant eyeball dungeon, RuneScape’s 17th birthday (with cake!), a divination outfit, more use for gems, benefits from the bank rework, and an aura interface. And that’s just January.

“The move away from expansions bears fruit, and the fruits are juicy,” teased Mod Raven. More fun additions and changes are planned for the spring, such as a Robin Hood outfit, a clue scroll log, deep sea fishing, a group ironman mode, a minigame hub, a calendar of events, and the launch of RuneScape Mobile later this year.

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Albion Online’s Christmas event is better late than never

Hey, why are you taking down those Christmas lights and hauling your browning tree to the curb? There’s still some life left in this holiday yet, even if it is technically over! Just look at Albion Online, which kicked off its Breath of Winter event today to keep players occupied during the rest of the month.

During this event, players can go on a “good deeds” quest chain to help the little NPCs of the realm and earn an essential item that will allow the creation of a Yule Ram mount.

There’s also an Icy Battleground for PvP, a quest to help Father Frost, and an extra-wintry version of the Three Sisters Expedition. Plenty of rewards await those who participate, including fancy winter finery, Christmas trees, and a placeable present chest.


Closers rings in the new year with the Rampage Cube

Welcome to the new year, Closers fans! Have a Rampage Cube! What’s a Rampage Cube? It’s a big challenging… cube. Full of rampages. Look, it doesn’t matter so much what it is; what matters is that it’s here until January 22nd with the game’s newest patch, and fighting against it gets you tokens used to craft trinkets and costumes. So that should be reason enough to rage against the rampage of the cube. Or inside the cube to stop the rampage. Can we just accept that “Rampage Cube” is a cool name and leave it there?

The patch is also bumping Levia’s level cap to 65, adding a bunch of new items to the EMP store, and bringing in a new daily log in event to ring in the new year. So even if you’re not feeling up to the antics of the Rampage Cube, there’s plenty to do with the latest patch. You can even learn about it in video format just below, if reading patch notes doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

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TERA doubles and triples rewards this weekend

You know how parts of the inhabited world are freezing into a solid mass of glacial ice this week? That is all the excuse that players need to get out of responsibilities and commitments this weekend and play some serious MMOs instead. At least until the internet cable lines freeze and shatter, leaving us in a Twitterless universe.

TERA definitely wouldn’t mind if you cuddled up with its warm servers for a day or two, which is why the studio us throwing a “Triple Double Winter Weekend.” As you wrap your mind around that title, try to also absorb what it offers.

From today through Sunday, players will enjoy double drop rates in the Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax solo dungeons. Even better, all Vanguard request rewards and reputation gains will be tripled through this same period. So stay home. You can’t hack the arctic weather anyway.

Source: TERA


Elite: Dangerous players are already rebuilding following the Thargoid attack

For a long time, Elite: Dangerous players felt… well, not exactly safe around the Thargoids, but at least safe enough to poke or ignore the aliens as individual whims dictated. Now that the aliens are actually attacking, that safety is gone. That’s the bad news. The good news is that players are already working to rebuild the locations under attack by the aliens; civilians were evacuated and the operations are being restored now.

Players are also able to take part in new community goals to start some pre-emptive evacuations ahead of what is the expected trajectory of the Thargoid attacks, providing supplies to craft a large evacuation ship. Of course, none of that necessarily means that the Thargoid attacks are going to work the way players expect; thus far, they’ve been anything but predictable. So it’s good to see players rebuilding, but we would still advise against taunting them.

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DC Universe Online brings back its anniversary event with a Krypto base pet

As one year passes into the next, DC Universe Online gets to celebrate another anniversary, and this time around it’s bringing in a beloved pet to gallop around your base. If you’re allergic to the more silver age stylings of the universe, you may want to pass on picking up your very own Krypto the Super-Dog, but you can still pick up some Braniac-themed decorations if you’re afraid of whimsy.

The event also offers new costume stylings for the first superpowered people resulting from the exobytes and a new trial for players to take on during the struggle against the Anti-Monitor. There are even new artifacts and adjustments to old content to make sure that this anniversary event is even better than last year’s event. Jump on in if you want to celebrate another year turning over or if you can’t spend another minute in a game without a super-powered pup waiting at your lair.

If you’re a villain, just assume you kidnapped him.


Blade & Soul celebrates its second anniversary with a new costume

Congratulations are in order for Blade & Soul as it celebrates its second year of operation, and as is most often the case with these celebrations, most of the presents are going to players. Yes, the game is bringing out an anniversary event, starting with a free package heading out to all players on January 17th. Players can also earn more limited-time rewards like the new Purity Costume via daily dungeon quests and challenges, so you’ll have more to earn after the initial set of gifts.

More improvements are coming to the game alongside the anniversary celebration as well, though; players can take on an updated version of the classic Blackram Supply Chain, use the new costume customization feature, or just take advantage of a simplified and improved premium membership system. It’s still a wee bit away, but come January 17th you’ll be able to look back on two years in the game while looking ahead to more.


The Daily Grind: Any MMO resolutions for 2018?

It’s almost 2018, and that means we can bid farewell to one year and start a new one that… well, will probably feel much the same. Really, there’s not a big flashing sign naturally occurring when the year changes over. But it’s still a time for reflection, self-improvement, and creating a milestone whereby you can start judging your progress for the next time around the clock.

So why not make some goals? It’s our Daily Grind for resolutions for the new year. So what do you want to accomplish in 2018? How do you want your gaming to change? Do you want to finally achieve those various side projects you’ve long put off? Collect appearances? Try something new? Jump into open PvP? Make a character whose name doesn’t contain the word “Fart?” Let us know!

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Diablo III brings back the Darkening of Tristram for an anniversary reprise

Did you miss out on Diablo III’s reenactment of the original Diablo a while back? You’re in luck, then, because Blizzard is preparing the content for another go-around when the game hits its anniversary in January.

From January 1st through the 30th, players can revisit the Darkening of Tristram event, which contains the legendary cathedral dungeon from the original Diablo recreated inside Diablo III. Blizzard teased unique transmog gear, portraits, pets, and achievements that only can be obtained through this time-limited event.

“You’ll soon find yourself in a realm of glorious RetroVision™, where an all-too-familiar cathedral looms,” the studio teased. “Explore the depths and you’ll discover familiar enemies and iconic items, all brought to life in the Diablo III engine. Meanwhile, deep beneath the catacombs, the Dark Lord himself awaits any intrepid adventurer who dares to challenge him…”

Source: Diablo III


Atlantica Online celebrates its 10th anniversary with free level 130 characters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for Atlantica Online, that is. The long-running fantasy MMO just marked its 10th anniversary with a large update and a few special events.

The December 21st patch contains a level cap increase to 180, the Abyssal Armory gear, a new dungeon, and the introduction of the latest mercenary, Ninetails. Players can catch up with an instant level 130 character and go through tutorial quests designed to bring them up to speed.

There’s also a Christmas event going on inside the Holy Town that involves monsters and rabbits for some reason. Until January 18th, players level 60 and above can use special tickets to go inside the Holy Town and help out a matchstick girl, chown down on a buff-inducing feast, exchange rabbits with Ms. Santahontas for gifts, and play a slot machine.


Final Fantasy XIV adds new carbuncle options while preparing for a dogged year

It’s time for the annual celebration of the new year in Final Fantasy XIV, and this year has a theme like every other. And the theme? Doge. Yes, there are new kabuto available with dogs, and new housing decorations also designed to look like a cute shiba inu. Such event, many rewards. Wow.

Not into the whole annual event thing? Perhaps you’d like to just pick up some new Carbuncle-themed gear and mounts. Yes, your summoner can now bring out a Carbuncle big enough to ride, and dress up in Carbuncle-themed robes. There’s also an ongoing sale through January 29th on several dyes and retainer level boosts, so you can pick those up on the cheap.

Last but not least, the site has begun to remind players that new tomestones are coming into the game, which means changes to existing stones and the need to exchange some. In particular, Lore and Scripture tomestones are being removed from the game, so if you still have a few left that you haven’t yet exchanged, you should probably do that now.


Chronicles of Elyria will feature an event with three years of darkness

How long do you like your day/night cycle in MMORPGs? Chronicles of Elyria is preparing its fans for the possibility of a record-breaking three years (in game), due to a special astronomical phenomenon called “Longest Night.”

According to the site, Longest Night occurs when the planet Selene gradually blots out the light from the system’s star, causing a year of perpetual night and two additional years of twilight on either side. Yet this isn’t a horrible or world-ending situation as you may assume.

“Longest Night is also one of the most cherished times in Elyria,” the devs explained. “The need to cooperate to survive brings people together in ways that no other event in or on Elyria can. Despite its darkness, Longest Night has given Elyria some of its most sublime art and inspired displays of charity and goodwill that are unparalleled in other times.”

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On the tenth day of Christmas, Warframe gave me ghastly ghouls and personal quarters

Is this Christmas or Halloween?

One can never quite tell with Warframe, which activated its holiday update yesterday with a bounty on ghoul packs. These critters sound like they could move right into Santa’s workshop: “repugnant Ghouls that overrun their victims in a gruesome mass of limbs and toxin.” Ho-ho-ho boy.

This holiday update also contains housing with brand-new personal quarters. Players can customize their quarters with toys, wallpaper, and even fish tanks. Aw. Fishies.

“Tenno can now personalize and decorate their own personal quarters with an assortment of cool items,” Digital Extremes said. “Customize the landing craft with a mini-stage, then select from posable Warframe figures, companion toys and beds, wallpaper, a fish tank and more to create a mini diorama of one’s own making. Plus, players can now invite a friend inside to visit!”

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