LOTRO devs address anniversary event uproar

While Lord of the Rings Online players are flitting all around Middle-earth to complete the brand-new scavenger hunt cards, not everyone is happy with the anniversary event. Some of the community has raised an uproar over the hunt, saying that it discriminates against characters that haven’t hit the level cap and are restricted in travel options.

On the forums, the team emerged to address the controversy and offer limited reassurance:

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Here are two great guides for the new LOTRO anniversary scavenger hunts

Yesterday, Lord of the Rings Online kicked off its momentous 10th Anniversary celebration with fireworks, dragon kites, and a brand-new series of scavenger hunts that will run through mid-summer.

These scavenger hunts are very involved and time-intensive, involving a lot of criss-crossing Middle-earth on a nostalgia tour to end all nostalgia tours. While they’re mostly straight-forward, requiring players to travel to certain locations and perform certain actions, the sheer number of activities and scavenger hunt cards (30 cards in all) mean that there’s no shame in looking for some help.

Enter the Department of Strategery, a fan blog that has put together two well-done quest guides for the first six scavenger hunt cards (Year One and Year Two). The author not only outlines where to go for each but also provides a map of the world so that you can plan your tour in the most efficient manner possible. Cheers!


EverQuesting: EverQuest II wins big with Beast’r Egg event

Did you participate in EverQuest II’s Beast’r Egg hunt live event this past week? If not, I’m sorry to say you missed your chance; it ended a few hours ago at 2:59 a.m. EDT. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve totally missed out! And that’s the beauty of this particular live event. Today’s musing are less a guide and more a love letter to a live event done oh so right.

While the event unfolded as I participated, it struck me how practically perfect the event was. So kudos to Daybreak for this one. EQII really knocked it out of the park with this Easter-themed event. Hopefully, we can see more like this in the future, both here and — if other studios take notice — in other titles. What’s so great about it? I am glad you asked! (Though honestly, I was going to tell you anyway!) Here are the winning elements:

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Black Desert’s Striker kickpunches his way onto Korean servers

The newest Black Desert class is no slouch in bringing meaty beatdowns to foes, as some players are discovering this week. The kick-punching martial arts Striker has landed on Korean servers, and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world gets to experience the glory of his kinetic attacks.

As we wait not-so-patiently for the Striker to arrive, Black Desert players in the west can at least tiptoe among the tulips — and take a few pictures for the game’s Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest. The contest is part of a small patch this week and will run from now through April 25th, with the winner’s submission earning a place on the game’s loading screens (among other prizes).

Check out the Striker’s launch trailer below!

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World of Warcraft expands 7.2.5 testing to include Gnomeregan race, new pet battle dungeon

Testing continues apace on World of Warcraft’s Patch 7.2.5, according to a forum update informing players about some changes and additions. One of the most interesting of these is the announcement of yet another micro-holiday: The Great Gnomeregan Race.

Blizzard introduced the Auction Hall Dance Party for testers to experience with the latest build, and said that there are plenty of class changes in store for this round. A new pet battle dungeon that takes place in the Deadmines was also introduced, and the team said that it has a lot of difficulty tuning yet to do on Black Temple timewalking.

Meanwhile, Blizzard’s Steve Danuser published a short story on the site called “Dark Mirror.” The 14-page story should be of particular interest to Sylvanas fans, as the Banshee Queen features most prominently. MMORPG fans will remember Steve Danuser as the Lead Content Designer for the ill-fated EverQuest Next; he left Daybreak in 2015.


World of Warcraft’s dance party and trial of style look like goofy fun

Believe it or not, the long-waited dance studio is finally coming to World of Warcraft… sort of.

In Patch 7.2.5, Blizzard is adding a new micro-holiday called Auction House Dance Party. When players enter the auction house, they’ll find it transformed into a discotheque for the day. Participation only requires you to dance, thanks to the dance studio skill. The upshot of doing this, other than for fun, is that every so often a dancer will get yanked on stage and given a sweet 24-hour buff.

Another micro-holiday on the way is the Trial of Style (MOP’s Bree absolutely loves this name, by the way). Participants will be given a theme and have a few minutes to dress up their character with the options available before strutting their stuff before a crowd. Following a vote, the winners will be showered with tokens that can be spent on real transmog gear. Can’t wait for this one!

See them in action for yourself below!

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EverQuest II fixes accidental nerf to auto-attack damage

A small patch that’s going out to EverQuest II’s servers today is correcting one slight issue that players have had on the time-locked expansion shards. Apparently, auto-attack damage had been reduced on those servers, a problem that the patch will correct.

There are a few other adjustments in the patch, most concerning the Realm of Despair and Ruins of Kaesora raids. You might want to give the patch notes a once-over to see if any of this affects your gameplay.

In other EverQuest II news, right now there’s an event going on that is awarding double ascension scrolls until Thursday midnight. So if you’re working on fleshing out your ascension class, take advantage of this bonus while it’s running!

Source: Patch notes


The Stream Team: A hippity hoppity Easter in ARK

If there are unicorns in ARK, why can’t there be Easter Bunnies? Even if Studio WildCard doesn’t roll out a holiday event this weekend in time for Easter, Massively OP’s MJ is going to have one. And by golly, there will be bunny ears for all! There will be a goody hunt as well. Join us live at 2:00 p.m. for a hopping good time. Maybe the bunny dodos will make an appearance.

What: ARK: Survival Evolved
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, April 15th, 2017

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WildStar’s double XP event returns this weekend

Saddle up, cupcake, because you’re about to experience the fast lane in WildStar!

Carbine announced yesterday that is has another Double XP X-Plosion event coming up this weekend. From April 14th through the 17th, players will earn double XP from all sources if they’re still leveling up or double elder gems if they’re at level 50. The studio notes that the event stacks with other bonuses, including the subscription.

“We recommend maximizing Protostar’s very generous Double XP X-Plosion! by tackling adventures, expeditions, and dungeons, which you can queue for by using the content finder,” the studio advised.

Source: WildStar


World of Warcraft Patch 7.2.5 includes a time-travel quest, transmog competition, and Black Temple timewalking

Players who have already wrung out every drop of entertainment that World of Warcraft’s Patch 7.2 had to offer might be wondering “what’s next?” for the fantasy MMO. While Patch 7.3 and Argus are presumably still on the way, the more immediate future is going to be dominated by Patch 7.2.5.

Blizzard outlined what players should expect to see in this half-patch as it started its tour around the public test realm. It sounds like there are several neat features coming, including a time-traveling romp with Chromie, the addition of Black Temple timewalking, and some class design adjustments for several neglected specs.

World of Warcraft also is going to add some new micro-holidays, as the patch will introduce “an assortment of new events, including the Auction House Dance Party, the Moonkin Festival, and a transmog competition we’re calling the Trial of Style.”


Lord of the Rings Online plans two-month nostalgia hunt for 10th anniversary

Don’t expect the same-old fireworks display from Lord of the Rings Online as it hits its 10th birthday this month. Well, there will be fireworks, but more than that, too.

Today, Standing Stone Games announced a special two-month scavenger hunt that will kick off on April 20th and continue through June 13th with a trio of new quests every week. “Each quest brings us back to the places we have been, and gets us some cool stuff in the process,” the studio said.

Also coming this month is the anniversary fireworks event (see — we told you), a series of special videos with former LOTRO Composer Chance Thomas talking about his favorite pieces, and a 12-hour developer livestream. Presumably there will also be anniversary gifts and other promotional items, so keep your eyes peeled!

Source: LOTRO


PSA: The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off its free play week today

If you don’t yet own The Elder Scrolls Online but want to see if it’s worth owning ahead of the Morrowind update, you’ll get your chance today. Starting at 10:00 a.m. EDT everyone can download the game and log in for free. You’ll have full access to the base game, although you won’t be able to hop into the various DLC areas or quest lines. Unless, of course, you purchase them, which is a bit more doable at this point since the game is currently knee-deep in its anniversary sale.

If you’ve participated in a previous free week, you’ll be happy to know that your characters and progress have all been retained, so you won’t have to start over from the bottom. And you’ll get 500 Crowns for free just for logging in, so you have even more reason to be tempted by cash shop shinies. The free week lasts until April 18th at 10:00 a.m. EDT, so go ahead and jump in as soon as you’re ready.


BioWare delays SWTOR 5.2 for a week, might be working on KOTOR 3 and a ‘semi-MMO’

Let’s rip off this band-aid quickly: There will be no SWTOR Update 5.2 today. BioWare announced on the forums that it is delaying the patch, which contains the MMO’s first new raid in two years, to next week. In the meantime, SWTOR will be extending its XP/CXP event through the 18th as compensation.

The studio said that the delay was due to a quality issue with the update: “At this point in time, we are not satisfied with the quality of the Iokath update. For that reason, we are delaying the release of 5.2 by one week, to release on April 18th. This allows the team more time to make improvements to address some of the issues still pending.”

And as one Old Republic game sees a delay, another might be forthcoming. Scuttlebutt this week is that BioWare Edmonton is working on a Knights of the Old Republic game. The rumor’s source said that it is unclear whether this is a remake of the original, a revival of the franchise, or something else entirely, but that BioWare is currently working on Star Wars games exclusively.

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