RIFT hosts a server load test party this evening with free level-ups


Have we said how utterly bizarre it is to see RIFT pop up in our feeds this much recently? Not that we’re complaining, mind you; we root for this underdog fantasy MMO to defy the odds and forge a future.

And part of that future is making sure that the servers is work properly. To wit, Gamigo is holding a server load test party this afternoon at 3 p.m. EST for about two hours. Players who show up will get an instant level up, a 100% XP boost, seven days of patron status, a chance at giveaways, a chat with the community managers, and an opportunity to participate in a killing spree challenge.

“During the party, kill as many monsters as possible! Become part of the top 10 to receive 500 Credits on the live servers! Go get those kills, Ascended,” the studio directed. “As part of our data center transition, this test will help us fine-tune our servers. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience in Telara, free from lag or disconnections.”

If you haven’t merged your toons yet, now is the time.

Source: RIFT. Thanks Joseph and Clowd!
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