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Path of Exile gives Ascendants a tune-up

Ascendants who feel as if they’re the neglected child of the Path of Exile family will be getting a special treat with this fall’s expansion. The Fall of Oriath is going to include a tune-up for this underperforming class to make it more desirable for those playing or thinking about playing an Ascendant build.

“The Ascendant (Scion Ascendancy) class will undergo some significant changes that focus on making the class more powerful and on-par with the other classes,” the studio said on the forums. We’ve done this by taking some of the more build-defining features from the other eighteen Ascendancy classes and incorporating them on the Ascendant tree.”

This means that most of the skill trees for the Ascendant have been reworked, offering all sorts of new build possibilities and combinations. No doubt, the community will be experimenting with optimal builds during the summer Patch 3.0 beta test.


Path of Exile explains upcoming Energy Shield mechanical changes

There are some big changes coming to Energy Shield in Path of Exile’s next expansion, and as tends to happen with major system changes, the designers have penned a lengthy column explaining why these changes exist. It’s not that Energy Shield is inherently bad, obviously; the problem is that with high enough values and the right collection of relics, players can ultimately use Energy Shield to completely replace Life as a survival mechanic, which results in characters with enormous health pools without any investment in doing so.

To fix this problem high-end shield values have been significantly tuned down, and several different items have had their synergy with Energy Shield adjusted to provide a more tangible drawback. Vaal Pact, for example, will no longer provide any benefit to Energy Shield (whereas it currently allows almost an immediate refill of shields without any drawbacks). However, it will also be possible for players to craft better Energy Shield items earlier, so players can still try out the builds that made these changes necessary; they’ll still be potent, but they should no longer make you effectively unkillable.


Path of Exile doles out free Twitch cosmetics

If you’re currently rocking a Twitch Prime membership, you’re eligible for a passel of purple goodies in Path of Exile. Starting next week and running for a month, members can grab three violet-tinted cometics for the MMO: a purple portal, purple weapon effect, and purple footprints effect. EAT THAT PURPLE.

Grinding Gear also informed players that some changes will be coming to Labyrinths in this fall’s expansion pack: “Though the moment-to-moment Labyrinth gameplay will be much the same in 3.0.0, the amount of time you spend accessing and running through the early labyrinths will be significantly shorter, simpler, and you’ll be able to access all versions of the Labyrinth from the Aspirants’ Plaza.”

Finally, as the Legacy challenge league wraps up, revisit the madness with one community member’s video overview below!

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Path of Exile changes its mind on legacy leagues during Fall of Oriath’s beta

Grinding Gear Games announced last night that it will be extending Path of Exile’s legacy leagues through beta, contrary to plans it made last week.

“Last week we posted a Beta FAQ where we mentioned that we were planning to run some events between the end of the Legacy League and the full release of The Fall of Oriath,” says the studio. “These events would be concurrent to its Beta and some would grant Beta keys. There has been overwhelming feedback that the community would like us to extend the Legacy Leagues during the Beta so that continuing to play Legacy characters and find Relics would be an additional option. We have decided to do so.”

Conveniently, this gives folks an extension on buying legacy supporter packs and other cash-shop stuff too.

The beta itself begins on June 7th; you can buy one of the supporter packs to ensure yourself a spot!


Path of Exile answers Fall of Oriath beta questions

The fall is coming this summer — The Fall of Oriath, that is. Path of Exile is preparing to launch its latest expansion pack in July, which means that testing needs to happen ASAP. In a new FAQ on the forums, the studio announced that the beta for the expansion is scheduled to kick off on June 7th.

Beta is planned to run for five to six weeks and will include the Xbox One version in some capacity. Only the first eight acts will be included in the testing, with the final two kept under wraps for the expansion launch. Grinding Gear said that it will be sending out silent waves of invites during the beta but that players can secure a beta key by either purchasing one of the upcoming supporter packs or from having spent several hundreds of dollars on the game already.

The team said that prior to the beta start, it would be wrapping up the current Legacy challenge league. The beta period will be marked by “so many events” in the game, although the specifics of these have yet to be revealed.

Source: Beta FAQ


Path of Exile on the ripple effect of DOT changes

Moar dots! Grinding Gear Games has so much to say about Path of Exile’s changes to damage-over-time skills, you guys. Reams. Whole manifestos. It’s actually kind of excessive for an ARPG that is mainly about smashing stuff and collecting loot, but we’re guessing those of you not drowning in all the transparency are having a field day. Or you’re panicking. Stop panicking!

Most players just need to know that poison and bleed will now be considered ailments, not skill effects, so modifiers, immunities, gear, mods, some bosses, and other skills dependent on that reclassification are due for a rebalance or rework. That includes minion damage too.

And as for PvP? “We’re going to be re-adjusting the pvp scale of many damage over time effects,” GGG says. “We’ve yet to determine exactly how we’ll be adjusting bleeding effects on players, but we’ll definitely need to reduce the damage players take while stationary from other players’ bleeds.”

Go read the whole shebang on the official forums.


Perfect Ten: Exploring MMORPGs from the far corners of the world

Have you ever noticed that while there’s an entire world out there, most all of the MMORPGs we discuss and play tend to either be ones crafted in the USA or imports from China or Korea? We even have a shorthand for this: “western” and “eastern” MMOs. We’re usually not talking about entire hemispheres with these references, but rather about categorizing three countries that are big into the MMORPG business.

But what about the rest of the world? Are all of these other countries so uncaring about this genre that they’ve never tried their hand at making an MMO? Of course not; as I’m about to show you, there are plenty of online RPGs that have been made in countries other than China, the USA, and South Korea. It’s just that for various reasons, those three countries ended up fostering concentrations of video game developers who knew how to create these types of games.

So let’s take a tour around the world and see if we can’t give some credit to other countries for their contributions to the MMORPG genre past, present, and future. Before you click the link, see how many you can name off the top of your head!

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Path of Exile previews updated NPC models and adds new cosmetics to its store

Since Path of Exile’s next major update is really heavy on story, it’s the perfect time for the team behind the game to work on updating old NPC models around the game. After all, you don’t want to be pulled out of the experience by noticing that a character model is slightly sub-par before you go laying waste to everything around you with explosions of lightning. Nessa and Tarkleigh’s models are both available for preview, with a quick glance making it rather clear which model is the new and improved version.

Of course, with all of the good work being done on The Fall of Oriath, perhaps you’re inclined to drop a little money on the game to support these kinds of huge updates. So it’s a good thing there’s new stuff to spend money on, including a wallaby pet, a swarm of bats, and a glowing red portal effect. (Glowing red portals are the best portals.) You can check out some of the video previews for these new items in the store, which should be helpful for determining how much you need a virtual wallaby.

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Path of Exile issues Patch 3.0 manifesto

Does anyone not get a little excited and cynical when they hear the phrase “game manifesto” these days? It’s such a loaded term, fraught with seriousness and import. And yet sometimes, just sometimes, it can be used to discuss something as seemingly trivial as damage-over-time skills in MMOs.

The Path of Exile team published the first part of its Patch 3.0 “manifesto” series, talking about the design philosophy and changes that will come to the game with this fall’s expansion. And yes, this initial post has to do with the different types of DoT effects and how some will be buffed, some nerfed, and some both buffed and nerfed.

Another significant 3.0 change (now in testing on a server near you!) are some tweaks to the popular Cyclone skill. The improved skill will use pathfinding to move around obstructions so that you don’t have to stop being the Tazmanian Devil. See it below!

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Path of Exile shows off some of the new monsters for its next expansion

So Path of Exile is launching its next expansion very soon. The team behind the game is showing off some of the new monsters coming with that expansion. One of those monsters is a cage of skeletons walking around and waving its arms to and fro while puttering toward the camera.

Is that ridiculous? Is that scary? It’s hard to be sure. There’s a thin line between horror and comedy, and boy, it’s hard to know where that contraption falls. But you can see it for yourself just below, along with two other monsters which are far more clear in their attributes. Still, though, skeleton cage.

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Path of Exile offers animated teasers for Fall of Oriath

Video games are usually a pretty visual medium, especially these days, interactive fiction and Dwarf Fortress notwithstanding. It’s why we all like screenshots. But even better than a screenshot is a nice animated picture showing you exactly what to expect, right? Path of Exile is hoping so, as the game has released three teaser animations showing off upcoming content coming with the Fall of Oriath expansion.

The renewed Wetlands and the Reliquary are both on display here, complete with a bit of wildlife animation in the former. There’s also a brief clip of the boss fight against Shavronne and Brutus, for which you can supply your own electrical pun. (It’s not as much fun when you can’t make constant puns about it through an entire post.) If a picture is worth a thousand words, animated ones must be worth at least a couple thousand, right?

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The MOP Up: Scorpio’s doomsday device (April 9, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we have stories and videos from Pokemon GoDCUOPortal KnightsEscape from TarkovFinal Fantasy XILOTROWorld of TanksStar Trek OnlineArmored WarfareTree of SaviorPath of Exile, and Worlds Adrift, all waiting for you after the break!

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Path of Exile discusses the fine art of templating item descriptions

Odds are good that you spend very little of your day thinking about how an item’s stats are templated in your game of choice. When an item’s abilities consist of a few stat buffs, it’s not really relevant. But in Path of Exile you can have an item providing a very wide assortment of buffs and improvements, and the latest article on the game’s official site discusses the fine art of making sure that players know at a glance just what an item does. Even with line breaks.

Line breaks in particular are a contentious thing; making a text box too wide makes it cumbersome, but if the item’s text cuts off in the wrong place, a single ability can look like two separate enhancements. It’s also sometimes complex to condense a simple-to-understand concept into just one or two lines of text, like a flask boosting your elemental resistance while improving your elemental damage. The very nature of the game requires brevity in all things, just the same. Check out the full rundown to get an idea about all of the complexities involved in making sure a simple item has a comprehensible effect.


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