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Official Site: Warframe
Studio: Digital Extremes
Launch Date: March 25, 2013
Genre: Co-op Online TPS
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Warframe teases new story content by way of a recommended quest guide

The story of Warframe is always there, but it has lain fallow for some time now. The developers have had other things to focus on, and players have been happy to explore other aspects of the game. But you’ll want to be ready when the next portion of the game’s storyline shows up, and that appears to be sooner rather than later based upon the recommendations provided on the game’s official site.

For those of you who don’t have the game’s entire quest storyline memorized for some strange reason, the recommended quests cover the game’s main story through your first steps into the game up to the mostly cinematic quest from December of last year. No word yet on when more will be coming, but considering the context, you may probably assume that more story is on the way and soon. So if you’ve got quests just about to be finished but haven’t yet bothered… now would be a good time to do so.

Source: Official Site; thanks to sophiskiai for the tip!


Wargaming Seattle shuts down while Digital Extremes gets an American sister studio

Corporate shuffling is rarely great news, but for the employees at Wargaming Seattle, it looks like it’s worse news than normal. The American wing of Wargaming.net, best known for World of Tanks, appears to have been shut down and put over 100 staff members out of work. No reason has yet been given for the closure and no statement has been issued regarding the studio’s fate.

Meanwhile, the owners of Digital Extremes (best known for Warframe) are busy getting more invested into gaming with the opening of a new studio in Burbank, CA. Athlon Games is a US publishing arm of Leyou Technologies Holding Limited, which might seem odd for a company that supposedly deals in chicken products. The publishing arm apparently will be specializing in free-to-play titles, so it remains to be seen exactly what it will be bringing out… just that it’ll be expanding the company’s existing assets.


PlayStation 4 heads into the end of its life cycle, making console MMOs nervous

No console lives forever, although it seems like the more recent generations have enjoyed lengthy runs. Sony delivered some disconcerting news to fans this week as it said that the PlayStation 4, which debuted back in 2013, is now heading into the end of its life cycle as hardware sales decrease.

This doesn’t mean that the console is going to be abandoned any time soon, just that Sony is shifting its hardware priorities elsewhere. Software sales are still expected to continue strong for the time being, and the company reported that the online PlayStation Network now has 80 million users. Sony told The Wall Street Journal that the next iteration of the popular platform is at least three years off.

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One Shots: A sense of place

Why do you play MMORPGs? What keeps you questing through these ever-growing worlds? I think a lot of us might answer like Zyrusticae in Blade and Soul here, as we enjoy inhabiting and exploring virtual fantasy worlds.

“See, this is the sort of thing I play MMORPGs for,” Zyrusticae writes. “That sense of ‘place.’ Being somewhere else, even if it’s only behind a computer screen. Old shots, yes, but still some of my favorites just for that. It’s a very pleasant feeling, really.”

Will you find your sense of place in the following player screenshots? Let’s find out!

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Warframe reworks Saryn once again with its latest patch

The most poisonous frame in Warframe had been reworked before, but Saryn needed another pass through the workshop. She has emerged even more powerful, with new uses for Molt and Toxic Lash (which were previously underwhelming) and a general effort to make her abilities hang together more organically. She’ll probably do well with the new particle physics settings that are intended to replace Nvidia PhysX particles, so you can really get the sense that she’s just filling the air around her with sickness and spreading corruption.

You will not, however, want to fill your expanded Dojo with sickness and corruption. That would be a bad thing. But you will have a bunch of additional options with your aforementioned Dojo, including new obstacle courses. That’s in addition to numerous other quality-of-life improvements, fixes, and alterations; check out the lengthy patch notes to get a sense of everything that’s coming. And if you start singing a song about toxicity whilst playing Saryn, we can’t stop you.

Source: Official Site; thanks to BrotherMaynard and sophiskiai for the tip!


Warframe is reworking Saryn to be more intuitive and heavily revamping melee

Change is afoot in Warframe, say a pair of dev workshop articles accompanying last week’s dev stream. The first details the rework of Saryn – not the first time the toxic ‘frame has seen revision. Digital Extremes says she’s confusing to play for newbies and not intuitive at all.

“Essentially, with Saryn you are given all the ingredients to mix up a cocktail, without really knowing if the ingredients are meant to mix in the first place,” DE writes. “In 2.0, we aim to take the guessing out of the ‘what does what with what to make X happen?’ and ultimately make her more sensible and intuitive to play.” The reboot involves buffing her armor and tweaking the mechanics behind spore damage, molt, toxic lash, amd miasma. She’s even getting new audio sounds: a voice that speaks when she casts.

The other dev diary covers the broader review of melee across the whole game. DE is tweaking channeled damage, blocking, dual-wielding, dodging, better effects, a stat and mastery balancing pass, improved base damage, and stances – it’s a lot.

Check out the excerpts below!

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The Stream team: Working up to Warframe’s Sanctuary Onslaught

Warframe recently released Beast of the Sanctuary update, and Massively OP’s MJ is excited to jump in and check it out. Most importantly, it has a pet class! Can Khora lure MJ away from her beloved Frost Prime? Can she get high enough level to participate in the Sanctuary Onslaught mode? These are questions that must be answered, so join us live at 8:00 p.m. as MJ attempts to do just that.

What: Warframe
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, April 27th, 2018

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Warframe moves quickly to fix Khora patch

With the new Beasts of the Sanctuary patch now live in Warframe, Digital Extremes has found that it has its hands fully trying to keep it under control. Several issues and community concerns have cropped up this week, and the studio is moving quickly to address them.

The “first of many” hotfixes to shore up the patch went live today, mainly focusing on the new Sanctuary Onslaught endless mode. Players had found exploits, experienced crashes, and even gotten stuck on the environment. Many of these bugs have been nixed, but it sounds like there’s a lot more to go.

It’s a considerable issue because so many players are farming this mode to earn the new Khora warframe. The studio laid out plans to improve upon the launch version of this pet class. Some of the changes include shortening ability casting times across the board, making ensnare hit multiple enemies, and transforming Venari into a passive skill.

Source: Patch notes, Khora changes. Thanks Sophiskiai!


Perfect Ten: What your MMO quantity says about you

It occurs to me that it is very difficult to find MMOs that I have literally never played before in some capacity. There are titles on the list, of course, but it’s a short list. Which amuses me, since anyone who listens to me on a regular basis knows that I have a small number of games that I consider “my” games, and usually there are just two that are fairly consistently on that list. But it’s part of the job; back when I first got this job in the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (the late aughts), my lifetime game count was at four. Maybe four and a half, if you want to count the Champions Online beta that talked me out of playing it at launch.

Of course, that’s one of the interesting elements not just of this job but about MMOs in general. You react differently depending on how many MMOs you’ve played, and considering that these games are big, long-term time commitments, that can produce some interesting dynamics. So let’s go ahead and take a look at what your personal lifetime count says about you and your understanding of the genre.

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Warframe debuts a new pet class and an endless game mode

It’s been a long time coming — nearly six months now since its initial announcement — but Warframe’s newest class has finally made it to the live game with the Beasts of the Sanctuary update.

The Khora warframe is partnered up with a lethal Kavat companion and uses a living chain to snare and strangle enemies at a decent range.

Whether or not the pet class warframe excites you, there’s a new endless game mode to keep everyone busy. Sanctuary Onslaught is here, giving players a challenging PvE experience in which waves of enemies have to be killed rapidly and efficiently. There are special rules, including no gear, a prerequisite of Rank 30, and a boss that has shifting tolerances toward ultimate abilities.

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Warframe gets catty with its latest class

As if Warframe Tenno didn’t have a large and lethal enough arsenal at their fingertips, now Digital Extremes is preparing to plug them into a brand-new warframe that wields the mighty power of cat.

‘Tis true, fair readers. The new Khora warframe uses a metallic whip and commands a metal pet cat to, quote, “engulf enemies in a whirlwind of pain.” The 35th warframe to come to the game is being paired with a new team-based survival mode called Sanctuary Onslaught. This mode challenges up to four players to run through timed portals to lay waste to all enemies.

The Beasts of the Sanctuary update is coming to PC this week, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to receive it next month.

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Choose My Adventure: Warframe in review

It’s funny how presentation problems can have such a huge impact on the same product.

Warframe, as a game, is almost crippled by its lack of guidance and the poor resources it has to explain things to players. Some of this, as has been noted in the comments, is the result of a general design philosophy that producing more fun stuff is more advantageous than providing guidance, but some of it is also a result of having a philosophy that doesn’t seem to take full advantage of its business model. Better tutorials and direction would do a whole lot to redeem the game.

This would be a good thing because Warframe is also strikingly unique and fun in a lot of other ways, and it seems to be to be the logical apotheosis of a lot of game design aspects. It has flaws, it could use some streamlining and refinement, but at the end of the day it’s a slick and fun experience that is mostly let down by its failings in guiding players. And it’s another game that I’m not really done with even though my month is up.

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Easter bunny headgear and a new survival mode keep Warframe lively

A new patch of fun odds and ends is roaming while in Warframe this week. There’s plenty to check out here, too: new skins, changes to Kuva Guardians, more housing decorations, and even a “Lepus” headset for the holiday weekend.

The update also brings out a new game mode called Endless Kuva Survival. This mode “brings an Excavation/Defense twist while maintaining the intensity of Survival” and lets players rack up that sweet, sweet Kuva.

Meanwhile, Game Director Steve Sinclair was talking about the “big ideas, risks, and ambitions” for Warframe’s user interface this year. The team is working on prototypes and mockups to allegedly “raise the bar” on how players interface with the game and to unify the title between all of its platforms.

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